4 Tips to Rise Above Any Circumstance

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Life isn’t easy. It is filled with hardships, surprises, and constant change. Because these events are often out of our control it is easy to feel like a victim of circumstance. Everyone has the power to rise above difficulties with resiliency and wisdom. Most of us just need a starting point. Use these steps to stop being a victim and start taking massive action toward the life you want. Enjoy your ascent to new heights!

Step 1: Find Your Purpose

Gandhi said, “The best way to find your purpose is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This advice is crucial for those who are looking to rise above their circumstances. When you are wrestling with past or present difficulties, it is easy to put helping others at the bottom of your survival to do list. Do not make this mistake. Instead of losing yourself in the darkness of the world rise to the occasion of finding your true self through helping others. When you extend a helping hand you get a push in the right direction. Following this direction will lead you to lasting gratitude, peace, and happiness. Once found, your purpose will always raise you up and align you with opportunities for success.

Step 2: Anchor Yourself

Playing ring around the rosy with life’s challenges is exhausting. In those times the only thing you can clench on to with white knuckles is your anchor. An anchor is a permanent safeguard that you can embrace when you feel like you are being puréed in the blender of life. It will stabilize you when you start to drift from a place of peace and wholeness. Prayer, meditation, and yoga are just a few examples of anchors.
Although you cannot control others and the majority of what happens to you, your anchor will help you control how you respond to them. When you are centered, regardless of what is happening around you, you will soar!

Step 3: Flex Your Growth Muscles

Life is constantly putting difficult people and events in your life to stimulate growth. What you can build from them is only limited by your patience and willingness to learn. When being weighed down with challenging circumstances view it as a precious opportunity to grow. By adopting this frame of mind you will develop what I call your personal “growth muscles”. When you start feeling upset remind yourself that it is time to let go of perceived control and grow. If you view life in this light every day will be a liberating experience.

Step 4: Give yourself only one option

There are two options in life. Option one is to vary your moods and decisions based on always changing circumstances. Option two is unconditional happiness which is a commitment to be happy regardless of circumstance.
It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you could be happy if things were different, if you got that promotion, if your wife didn’t leave you, ect. Do not make this mistake. The truth is there will always be something challenging your happiness! Once you commit to unconditional happiness life can no longer shake you. Relax and enjoy the adventure of life naturally unfolding. From this view you will see the beauty that is born from circumstances that from first glance seem negative.


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thanksgiv-1st bday-blog pics 166Mettie Spiess is a full-time certified wellness coach, world traveler, hope spreading activist, and inspirational speaker. For over five years she have facilitated one-on-one and group coaching events in the corporate and community world and has loved every minute of it! She specializes in helping people overcome anxiety, depression, and grief. With inspired coaching, vision, and purposeful action her clients identify their gifts and then unleash them into the world. For more inspired coaching Visit InspireHopeBlog.com

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