Planetary Retrogrades: Nothing to Fear or Worry About!

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There’s something exciting about a world where our news feeds are filled with information about the cosmos. It’s hard to scroll through social media these days without reading about an upcoming planetary retrograde or super moon. It can get us feeling excited; however often times the thrill can be preceded or followed up by some very real fears.

Yes, astrology is an ancient tool that holds valuable insights and information. There’s a reason it’s been around forever and usually when we read the right messages we’ll resonate with them in our core. However, popular culture can take this sacred, ancient wisdom and use to satisfy our material desires or needs. Not to mention western society (if not the entire world) is often driven by fear.

In this day and age it is crucial to discern where we are receiving our information because the internet can be a slippery slope when it comes to what we read or watch.

This isn’t to say only professionals or people established in the field can share their insights; but it does mean noticing how the information feels to us. Pretty much anything that has us feeling afraid isn’t going to help. It’s easy to read something about some higher power that we didn’t know existed and then believe this all mighty retrograde is going to run a train through our lives.

Headlines such as “Why Mercury Retrograde is your Worst Nightmare” or “Be Careful During Venus Retrograde” not only instil fear but they lead us to forgetting the fundamental fact of being human.

That we have freewill. That we are creators.

The planets are not doing anything to us, instead they are currents of energy that flow around us. Think of retrogrades, full moons or any other astro-hype we read online as weather patterns. At the end of the day we can’t let the fear of the rain control how we live our lives. Yet when it comes to these planetary cycles we are quick to throw ourselves under the covers and countdown the days until it goes away.

The rain nourishes us, gives life to our planet and literally keeps us alive. Imagine fearing it or wishing it away? Retrogrades offer a similar type of nourishment or refreshment. Let’s remember this the next time we read about why this upcoming Venus retrograde will put our relationships in jeopardy.

As humans we have free will which means we get to choose how we move forward.

This is why someone who’s never heard of anything astrology can live an awesome and successful life. Or why someone who believes Mercury retrograde is out to get them will probably experience a whack of issues during those times.

With free will comes the decision to choose what we believe.

Now this is something that takes time to work through. As we are alive there are all sorts of limiting beliefs that affect us even if we aren’t choosing it. Imagine certain collective beliefs as second hand smoke. They limit us and can even make us sick but we have to realize that they are here; then separate ourselves from them before we can experience a change. If we choose to believe everything we read online that’s a choice that may come with some side effects.

At the end of the day it’s about finding the right information. The right information will feel safe or like a relief for us to read/hear.

Astrology can be a tool that offers understanding into ourselves and life in general however finding the right channels of information is what it’s all about.

Just because something is a hot topic doesn’t mean everyone is an expert in it. Using catchy, fear based, clickbait titles is a marketing tactic for many; this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t read the information but let’s read it remembering we can either take it or leave it.

Not to mention we are all unique snowflakes when it comes to our personal astrology. We each have our our birth chart (or star chart) which means that a retrograde will not impact each person equally. This is why reading generic information can be helpful but doesn’t paint the whole picture.

Retrogrades are times are all things “RE”.

This means reviews, rethink, relook, reassess or even RELAX. Retrogrades are when given planets appear to be moving backwards from the perspective of the Earth. Imagine being in a car that speeds past another car in the lane beside. Sometimes it looks like that car is moving backwards but really everyone is still driving forwards.

They are times of revamping or renovations and although those acts can leave us feeling disorganized or up in the air at the end of the day we are the one who ordered the renos. Which means we can also refuse the renovations.

Retrogrades are times of retrospection, review, re-assessing and mostly just pausing to breathe.

Life may ask us to slow down, try a new way or re-look at something from our past. This could lead to frustration for those wanting to barrel forward; but it’s crucial to remember that even if it does not seem that way we are all still moving forward. In order to study for an exam we have to go back and review the course content. Imagine thinking that reviewing is a waste of time? When in reality it’s giving us the foundation to continue to build and grow when conditions are ideal. Just like a slingshot we must first pull back in order to launch farther and faster.

If we choose to adopt these beliefs around retrogrades our experiences will shift from chaos to calm and confusion to clarity.

Instead of imagining there is some absolute superpower manipulating life around us why not believe it’s about understanding energetic conditions so we can move with these currents? Because guess what? That higher cosmic power is what we are all made of. It’s an extension of us and when we understand this we’ll know there is nothing to fear or worry about.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman has been creating content, providing personal readings and swimming with the cosmic currents for nearly a decade. Her passion is to teach others how to read the energies themselves. This is why she created the Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is also available for one-on-one sessions and various live events at


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