Since I came across ‘The Master Shift’ on Facebook, i have been amazed at how many days i see quotes or images that reflect just what i need to hear in that very moment. I look forward to what has been posted and love sharing them with my own community. To be a part of a worldwide community that is energetically supporting this time of evolution for our planet and mankind is humbling. I am so grateful for all the work that people behind the The Master Shift do – and may the community continue to grow as more people awaken and begin to live from their hearts with love as their shining light.

Jody Kalpenos, www.jodykalpenos.com

lisa copy

I am so grateful to be part of this community. This year has seen the biggest transformation in my spiritual growth and one of the most important blessings to me is finding my tribe – other people like me who want to be part of this master shift. There has never been a more poignant time in history to pull together and help raise the vibration of the planet. I love the free global meditations that the Master Shift provide and am looking forward to being part of the movement on 12.12.15.

Lisa Imogen Eldridge, www.girlabouttheglobe.com


The Master Shift is a beautiful convergence of emerging thought leaders. It is simply a joy to be part of this community. Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International bestsellering author of Mass Influence and chair of The Evolutionary Business Council


Christine, the creator of The Master Shift, allowed me to shift my consciousness through writing. Several years ago she found my personal blog and asked for an article. She had 5,000 followers at the time. I was delighted to get a chance to share my muses with others. For a long time I had avoided writing even though whenever I wrote I came alive with passion. The Master Shift has helped me overcome so much through its amazing community of awareness, acceptance, and positive manifestation. I am forever, grateful for that one email from Christine that changed my life.

Millie Mestril, Author of A Soul’s Peaceful Quest