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Our first meditation on 12.12.12 had over 100,000 participants from around the world including this mass meditation in the center of Budapest.

Join in our meditations

The Master Shift is pleased to provide free global meditations. Global meditations are announced in advance on our website and social media pages. We also provide “cause” meditations for specific areas around the world in need of spiritual support and assistance.

Our meditations go live the day of the publicized event. The meditations are synchronized, meaning you will be meditating at the exact same time as others around the world.

In general, global meditations begin at  9:30 PM JST (Japanese Standard Time), our first synchronized time slot. The second synchronized time is 9:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). We allow for two time slots because day is night, and vice versa, in varying regions of the world. For example, if you live in London, England, your meditation time would be 12:30 PM, as London is nine hours behind Tokyo.To be most effective, we encourage you to participate at both time slots.

In order to find your accurate time for meditation, you may place either “9:30 PM JST, or 9:30 PM EST,” in the time zone converter for your location here Time Zone Converter or utilize our chart here Find Your Meditation Time.

*If you live in New Zealand, please note that your meditation time falls on the next day.