Casual Meditations

Causal Meditations

Our causal meditations (meditations for a specific cause) are designed to provide spiritual support and assistance for any area in need. They are about sending healing light and energy into areas that experience natural events (often labeled catastrophes) that change the land and its manner of production. As we rely on the natural reproduction process of the Earth, we must respect it and adapt to these changes; adopting indigenous methods of creating a harmonic relationship between the land and the people of the affected area.

Causal Meditations allow us to gather together as one concentrated force, focused on unconditional love, natural resolve, and healing to the area, its people, animals, and plants. We believe such efforts inspire valuable results for supporting life in the affected areas.

Additionally, The Master Shift seeks to provide financial assistance to groups, including charities, that help rebuild, restructure, and regrow resources that are most conducive and indigenous to life in that area. Our research team is committed to the outcome of these efforts.

Meditation for Nepal – April 26th 9:30 PM EDT

Global Meditation

On April 25th, 2015 a devastating earthquake occurred in Nepal. This meditation is written to provide spiritual assistance to the area. Its intent is to lift up those in need by sending a unified vibration of courage, strength, love and light, allowing healing energy to envelop the area.