Co-Exist Global Meditation 12-12-17



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Global Meditation 12.12.17
Video Credits:

Co-Exist Meditation written by: Maria Massone
Narration: Pauline Capalbo
Audio Produced by: Brooks Magee
Meditation Produced by: EveryMann Productions
Creative Concept: Christina Arabolis

Music Selections…
(All music granted permission by artist.)
Master of Light, Music by Thaddeus,
Away in the Manger, Jason Shaw,

African Night Cave, Kevin MacLeod,

Om Meditation, INDIAWAV

Psalms, Miguel Johnson, Audio Library

Minstrel by PeriTune
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
Music provided by Music for Creators

Adon Olam – אדון עולם., JivingGerbil (link…)

Mattia Cupelli. Carol of the Bells,…

The Master Shift’s holiday-inspired Co-Exist Meditation features a sampling of religious traditions and wisdoms from around the world. Featured in this meditation are Christmas (Christian), Kwanzaa (African American), Ramadan (Islamic), Chökhor Düchen (Tibetan Buddhist), Bodhi Day (Hindu Buddhist), Yule (Pagan, Wiccan), Navarathri (Hindu), Jashan of Spendarmad (Zoroastrian) and Hanukkah (Jewish).

Are you ready to go on a journey around the world!

The meditation is synchronized according to Japanese Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time at 9:30 PM (JST/EST 9:30 PM) There are two meditation times to accommodate the various time differences around the world. Please join in on your particular time or do both! Feel free to meditate in your favorite meditation spot or create a meditation event in your area.

Global Gathering in India 12.12.17




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