The Mission/The Movement


The Master Shift is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization that provides meditations and other services to humanity, including international on the ground gatherings, financial assistance to charitable organizations around the world, educational conferences that facilitate spiritual growth, worldwide healing, and commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

Expanded Mission

The Master Shift is a movement, which exists to aid in renewing, reconnecting, and reawakening the collaborative efforts of humans with nature. It is a movement towards harmonious purpose between humankind, Earth, and all life.

What is “The Master Shift?”

When a human being evolves, an internal shift takes place inside that individual. That “master shift” is an interior shift from a state of fear to a state of love. Each individual on this planet will at some point make the journey and flip the switch from fear to love. Collectively, when enough people become love, the world will shift into a new state of being.


Our vision is to bring humanity together for positive change using global meditations as the catalyst. When we think or meditate together for the efforts of great things, such as harmony and peace within our planet, we connect to a process that is natural and whole. Thoughts are power. We know this to be true and we invite every human, regardless of race, creed, or culture to join us in these efforts.

Additionally, we provide educational conferences, workshops, video productions and live global events designed to awaken and heal the individual(s) seeking to make an internal shift.

Lastly, we look to inspire world-wide unity and action.

Our Meditations

Meditation creates an aura of peace and serenity and, as with any form of energy, the beneficial effects then gradually dissipate into the collective consciousness. In other words, as YoU “shift” into higher energy, you will see remarkable changes in our world.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Albert Einstein

The Master Shift provides free global meditations designed to raise vibrational energy. Understanding that a change in our thinking, the awakening of possibilities, is readily accesible through meditation (as meditation connects us to our purest sense of self/oneness), our global meditations are designed to expand mass consciousness around the world.

The action of meditation may seem like a fad, but it is truly an old tradition of many cultures. As vast as its purposes, the methods of meditation are inclusive of everyone. We meditate to relax, heal, reflect, re-connect, find solutions, and manifest our dreams. There are guided meditations, moving meditations, mindful meditations, spiritual meditations, mantra meditations, and more. At The Master Shift, meditation is used for reconnecting. We know that meditation calms the mind, slows the breath, and allows our Spirit to connect to the collective consciousness; a space in which peaceful & brilliant energy resides.

In that space of peace and brilliance, you will also find solutions and unconditional love; you will reconnect to your true self.

We encourage our members, followers, and comrades to meditate daily. In doing so, regardless of your background, upbringing, or training, you stand to reconnect with YoU in your purest form. This YoU is beautiful, whole, wise, and loving. YoU is inclusive, compassionate, and forgiving; balanced. The more you connect with YoU, the more YoU you become; you SHIFT.

At The Master Shift, we understand that all of life is connected, through energy. Therefore, the more you SHIFT on a personal level, the more the conscious collective will SHIFT. The more Shifters working in unison, for the common good of the planet, the more balanced life will become. The more awakened the SHIFTERS, the bigger the impact.

For more research and information on the benefits of meditation visit these sites:  Neuroscience Reveals the Secrets of Meditation’s Benefits , Meditation Research – Harvard, Meditation/Brain

Our Charity Work

The Master Shift will collect monies during meditation events in order to assist charities/organizations in fulfilling their mission. All organizations will be carefully researched by our team in order to determine whether their mission is in alignment with ours. We will donate to charities/organizations that are in harmony with the planet taking into consideration the welfare of all peoples, plants and animals. We also seek to fund revolutionary green ideas that provide benefits to all.