A bit about The Master Shift!

The Master Shift came on the scene in 2012 after Executive Director, Christina Arabolis, became inspired by a sentence she read in a book about Edgar Cayce. The sentence was, “Ten people can save a city from destruction by sincerely meditating and praying for peace. Twenty can save a nation.” Shortly thereafter, The Master Shift began creating global meditations for the world!

Our first global meditation was shared with the world on 12.12.12. The reaction we received was wonderful. While we don’t know the exact number of people who meditated with us, we can say that it was most likely in the hundreds of thousands. There were people who gathered in the Center of Budapest, the caves in Costa Rica, and hundreds of yoga studios from around the world. The meditation left people feeling inspired and hopeful and connected to one another.

We’ve continued to provide yearly meditations which topics include the economy, world peace, universal connection and, most recently, a holiday inspired co-exist meditation. We were honored to have Julian Lennon narrate two of our meditations.


In addition to our commitment to inspire others, we are very passionate about stewardship for the Earth.

In 2015, we created our first “Give Back To Mother Earth” campaign. The campaign also known as #pledge to plant asked for people all over the world to plant a tree on Earth Day as a “give back” to mother earth for all she has given us. Teaming up with Forest Nation and The White Feather Foundation, we encouraged thousands of businesses, organizations and schools to join us by creating Earth Day tree planting events in their respective areas. Our combined efforts enabled over 100,000 trees to be planted on Earth Day, April 15, 2015. Our yearly campaign continues to grow.

With revenue collected during the Earth Day Event in 2015, The Master Shift donated to The Patt Foundation for the planting of trees in Thailand to support the habitat of various species of animals.

We are pleased to announce Mote Marine Laboratory as our charity partner for 2018. Forty percent of all revenue collected this year will go to the beneficial work Mote is doing to restore our coral reefs. We are passionate about the state of the ocean and want to do our part in protecting and taking care of what has been given to us.

The Master Shift Facebook page has grown to over three million people worldwide. Our positive/inspirational posters and videos have assisted people in overcoming personal challenges. Our video series, Master Shift Moments, showcases the wisdom and inspirations of people from all over the world.

Thank you for holding our hand and supporting us in achieving our mission. We are grateful for your continued support in all that we do.