Seeing, Hearing, Feeling or Knowing: Find Your Strongest Psychic Gift

Seeing, Hearing, Feeling or Knowing: Find Your Strongest Psychic Gift
December 18, 2014 Marie Mccormack


Everyone has psychic abilities. Most reject them, while a few embrace them and cultivate them. If you’ve ever wondered about your own psychic abilities, and you’re ready to take a leap, here are a few of the most common abilities people claim to have  and how to develop them in yourself.


Clairvoyance is “second sight,” and it’s a way of “seeing” but not with your eyes.  Psychic experts who have this ability will receive intuitive information visually. Usually, this is in the form of pictures, or visions, or even symbols. If you ever see twinkling lights out of the corner of your eye, you’re a visual learner, if you have very vivid dreams, or if you often find yourself daydreaming, you may have the underlying cognitive requirements for being clairvoyant.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear, but not necessarily with your ears. It’s called “psychic hearing.” This is when you hear things from a “little voice inside you.” You can also hear things from spirit guides. In other words, you hear things in your head, instead of from external sources.

If you’re sensitive to noise, if you’re musically inclined, if you love to write or create your own music, if you periodically hear ringing in your ears with no known medical cause, if you’ve ever heard a voice calling your name when there was no one around or when it didn’t logically make sense for anyone to be calling out to you, and if you find that you’re predominantly an auditory learner, then you may have the ability of clairaudience.


Clairsentience is psychic feeling. Some people express this as a “gut feeling,” and it’s one of the most coveted psychic abilities out there. If you have this ability, you are often able to “feel” the truth without actually verifying it factually. If you feel emotions of others easily and are empathetic, if you avoid reading or listening to the news because it’s upsetting to you, if you get overly emotional while watching sad movies, if you’re very sensitive to your surroundings, if your mood declines when you’re in a negative environment, or when you get good or bad feelings about people you’ve just met or situations you’ve never encountered before, you may have this ability.

People who do have clairsentience often don’t know how they know things, but they are, nonetheless, correct about a great many things that they shouldn’t know.


This is also known as “clear knowing,” and it’s when you know something you shouldn’t, but at the same time you actually do know it. There’s no logical explanation for it. You may have this ability if ideas pop into your head that turn out to be true later on. It’s also found in people who have an uncanny way of knowing when someone is lying to them, even when they have no proof. People who can often predict outcomes of a situation, or who tend to be very analytical, are said to be claircognizance.


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Marie Mccormack has been researching psychic phenomena since her  early years. She has always felt that she is being protected and guided through life and her life always takes a turn for the better when she trusts this guidance he enjoys sharing her experiences through blogging. Look for her articles on a number of websites including family and relationship blogs. You can keep up with TheCircle- Psychic on Google+


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