Power & the Divine Feminine

Power & the Divine Feminine
December 19, 2014 Darpan Kaur

Shakti rising to meet Shiva


Some time back a friend asked me to make a painting of Shiva and Shakti. As the painting unfurled, many mysteries of the universe unfolded for me. Maybe I had heard it before, maybe I had read it somewhere but sometimes it takes a thought to come from the depth of your being for you to really understand it.

Shakti is, of course, the mother goddess, the earth, the divine feminine, other indian goddesses are facets of her or she is a facet of them all. Shakti literally translates to energy or power. She is all that is and all that can be manifested. The truly delightful thing is that Shakti or Power is feminine. Not something one would expect right? But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. What is real power? – not the power to subjugate or to overpower or even to fight for the powerless. True power is in creation, isn’t it? True power is to be able create even as a big bang destroys….

In one of my hypnotherapy sessions, I was having a chat with the Archangel Michael and I was telling him how I needed a sword like his for my warrior form. And he looked really surprised and said, ‘but this is my sword of kindness’ and it all clicked into place for me.

The true warrior and the true power is in love, kindness, compassion, in the arts, and of course in creation. That’s why it is a feminine concept. And once it settled in my being the world changed irrevocably. Especially how I viewed myself and women.

Coming back to Shakti, as she is the power, it is she who needs to rise up to meet Shiva. She is physical and she is power, so she has to rise or rather only she can rise up to meet Shiva. Shiva is the metaphysical. Shiva is the sky, the divine, pure consciousness. And when Shakti meets him, the union of the two creates life – all life on earth. Every being is the product of this union. Which is why we are all children of god.

And every time we meditate and open ourselves to the divine, Shakti is able to rise and meet her Shiva. And more life is created. How amazing is that!!

The great rising up of Shakti is also the rising of the Kundalini or the rising of the twin energy serpents.

Here are a couple of my favourite Kundilini meditations. The Kelly Howell one is a full 30 min meditation. The first is a simple simple yoga  position which I love.



About the Author: 

Darpan is an Artist, Reiki Healer and Hypnotherapist. She is a Seeker of Rainbows and a Believer of Unicorns. You can find her at OnBoardtheReikiBus.com


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