NEW EARTH 2015: Creating a Trickle-Up Economy

NEW EARTH 2015: Creating a Trickle-Up Economy
December 17, 2014 Christine Horner



[SPECIAL REPORT]  We’ve arrived!  New Earth, and with us, a new economy.  2015 will be extremely challenging for those still mired in third dimensional economics, but for the rest of us, new opportunities abound everywhere we turn.  Old Earth economic forces, and old beliefs that others will come to our rescue are fading away like the mirage that they were.

Just like we’ve always been the ones we’ve been waiting for, so too, are we the ones who will self-fund the new economy with our own capital, volunteerism, and gifting.  This is incredibly good news as we step into our power as sovereign beings acting under our own authority in service of all humanity.

So that this good news doesn’t seem like more pie in the sky, let’s take a look back, and then move forward, to see a glimpse of what our future contains.  How you write your future is up to you, but as you will see, the power of a new economy has been quietly at work behind the scenes for a while in surprising way, waiting for the appropriate time to come into the spotlight.


Currently, many countries are hitting peak population, in that fertility rates are below replacement level. Though this should be good news, it’s only good if consumption continues to rise. Growth is the key ingredient to the continued viability of capitalism as a premier economic system.

World peace will forever remain elusive as long as we battle to secure our own survival, blind to the realization that our neighbor’s well-being is vital to our own. As a species, we are interconnected and inseparable from each other and from our ecosystem. The greater truth that no mainstream economist has dared state publicly is that capitalism is not sustainable.

Let’s qualify the following by stating that to build a better world, it must be recognized that there is no singular panacea to handle all human needs except a gift economy, a concept too far-reaching for most of humanity. Regardless, a shift in how we do business is being called for. Are you up for the challenge?

Instead of debating outdated economics, let us come together to forge a new path—one that is practical and truly provides equal opportunity for all, even those desiring to live a simple life. Capitalism served us well, but it’s become evident that working together cooperatively rather than in competition is the foundation for a new economy and peaceful world.


Whatever economic system we embrace, it must include social agreements, social responsibility, and allow for conservation in equal if not greater measure as we plant the seeds of tomorrow. We are presently living the ongoing results of our failure to adequately address these essential elements.

A trickle-up economy is one that capitalizes from within. Trickle-up mirrors nature in that it supports the genius that exists all around us, rather than acting out predatorily. Genius or not, even a child can offer two ideas toward improving conditions in his or her hometown in about five minutes. So why don’t we all? Who starts the trickle? You do.

Trickle-up includes accepting responsibility for being the face of change in the world by supporting paradigms that serve all of humanity, starting locally. When we come together cooperatively, the cost to the individual is very small while the rewards are very large. i.e. Imagine if each of us volunteered just a few hours each month.

Trickle-up business models do exist, and not as a new form of socialism. Non-profit cooperatives (NPCs) such as food and banking NPCs, employee-owned businesses, private foundations, and charities are just a few examples. When you back a non-profit, your investment is returned to you in the form of reduced costs on products or services, and sometimes even in cash. That capital is then pumped directly back into the economy, improving everyone’s quality of life.

Other examples include crowd funding and open-sourcing. Both encourage transparency, accountability, and collaboration in a non-threatening and even exciting environment. Dynamic and responsive, everyone’s genius is recognized, no matter how small the contribution. Effectiveness is more quickly assessed in an uninhibited environment.


When an idea truly serves the good of all, growth springs forth at the grassroots level, as interdependent, connective, and sustainable. As the individual supports NPCs or charity, NPCs support and receive support from other NPCs or charities—on up the food chain. If an organization is doing noble work and is managed properly, it thrives despite market conditions.

The myth is that great wealth can’t be created without market dominance and manipulation. How many good ideas have gone on to generate huge wealth for those who carried them to the finish line despite a competitive system? And if we worked together instead?

Herein lies unlimited human potential, as wealth is returned full circle to provide a higher standard of living for all and greater opportunity for those whose time is yet to come. We really are only as strong as our weakest link. The perpetual playing field now level, true national and international security are realized.

Non-profit cooperatives, open-sourcing, and crowd funding are suitable for ensuring every man, woman, and child have equal access to basic shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education, as long as capital and human capital (service) are kept in circulation, and non-profits are not used solely as tax shelters.

It is recognized that as long as humans are involved, there will be challenges to overcome. It takes a mature individual to evolve into becoming the sovereign being who takes full responsibility for his or her actions.

Write your own story. What will you create? What and who will you support with just a few hours of your time and but a few dollars? It’s no longer about competing with your neighbor for materialism, it’s about joining together, allowing great ideas to flow unhindered, and enjoying the river of wealth that follows.


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