“Happy Lists”

“Happy Lists”
September 8, 2015 Natalija Jelicic

Happy Lists

I wish to share a little writing, its quite a healing avenue and cathartic for me to openly express a message that may resonate within someone.
I’ve become exhausted, in all facets, from the struggle of life and decades of intrusive adversity.
I choose to think,
‘We truly are our own hero’.
In actually believing that concept, it gives way to my personal rescue, by a conscious and diligent effort, I am applying cognitive therapy techniques on a daily basis.
This method allows for a cognition pause, to first process an experience, then to systematically create support for positive awareness.

I named my journey ‘The Natural Navigation’:
When we suffer and feel too much from negative events, it manipulates our course to one we hadn’t expected, or insured for.
It generates anger, pain and hopeless feelings.

I’m currently steering through a storm, I have to find another home, gain employment, buy a reliable car with imaginary savings and wear a soothing smile to solely parent three tiny humans.

At first through some survival imprint you lay on a bed/couch/floor for a few days.  Its cold and you’re hungry.
So you:
Get up.
Front up and gently acknowledge an internal truth or a core moral.
Mine is a deep conviction for self respect and value.
Then, stand hard for it, feel secure as you begin to edit ingrained beliefs, most of which are planted firm by a crucial event, it forged connections to a perceived positive relief or happy feeling.
For any knowledge to be powerful, naturally embrace your evolution, growth and change.  Don’t fight against it, have faith its for a better result in your relationships, career etc.

‘Its the spice of life’
‘Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it life.’

Or alternatively just stay put, and loudly complain, the direction eventually becomes blocked, stagnant with a painful ending.

An epic example of ‘natural navigation’ is discreetly experienced in our own physical bodies, original molecules from our birth have regenerated, divided and regrown continuously to create completely new beings during our lifespan.
So retaining an attachment to an old belief or a happy list from your January 2013 psyche and expecting a September 2015 mind to embody it, is as practical as unscented perfume.

Our impulsive connections are well in tune to fabricating stories for our realities, this pacifies anxieties and numbs truth.  We are soothed because we micro managed, we forced, we controlled the process and the outcome.
Yay for ignorance and regression?

There is conviction in what I’m saying.
My life is transforming.

The girl that is altering nature Vs nurture, a structure that was habitually ingrained.
Moulded disingenuously.
Paused at crucial milestones and denied her feminine identity, knows, it can all change, because of you.

I’ve only just begun to recognise the healthy effects of self evolvement, mindfulness and brain plasticity.
Get up.
Be free, flip the switch on your story, and have genuine happiness and internal peace.

About the Author:

Natalija V Jelicic

Natalija V Jelicic is discovering a true passion for the art of the written word.  A former early childhood educator, and raising three children of her own, she embraces the values of nurturing, teaching and the expression of empathy and love.  A reclaimed free spirit, a strong mama bear with an abundance of sass.

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  1. Rain Love 9 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this, Natalija. I can feel wonderful energy in what you wrote and I love the words you used.

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