Faces of Water

Faces of Water
March 25, 2013 Moses Hacmon



Water has been my source of inspiration for many years, not because of all the great things we know about water but because of the many things we don’t know about water; since water is transparent to our naked eye.   Life in water does not reveal itself in visible light, the range of light humans can see in. There are many movements in water we don’t see, until they are manifested into a body, a combination of water with the many elements available on this planet. All the bodies we know, all the many different faces, both of humans and animals are symbols of the different movements within water.  In this project I expose the form water holds when it is moving within itself, the technique is simple and can be repeated, the results are incredible and consistent.  Our entire world is shaped by water yet we don’t see it as an active agent in nature;  it is just there.

I hope with Faces of Water to deepen our connection to our source of life, both spiritually and physically. I believe that the visual field is capable of advancing our way of thinking and understanding our environment, by exposing our eyes/brains to complex geometries, which are moving three-dimensional mathematical equations our brain understands.  My goal for this project is to share with the world large-scale images of this beautiful magical world, Since the process is analog and the negatives are large I can create exquisite images in large-scale with amazing details that reveal themselves as you get closer into the image.

Faces of Water is the only project so far that shows life in living moving water. We all know the many amazing images of snowflakes and frozen water crystals captured with microscopes, yet those images don’t show the life within water since the water is frozen. Movement and temperature has the most effect on water’s behavior. My goal was to use movement of water within water to expose its true pure form and behavior, The technique I developed is successful and I am excited to embark on this journey.  Please Like and Share the page on Facebook, there are over a 100 new images produced in the last two months, free for you to enjoy and share the wisdom within Water.



About the Author:  Moses Acmon Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FacesOfWater




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