2016: The Year of the Heart

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We are growing. The Light is shining.  Our challenge now is to lift our energy from old patterns of survival, control, fear, lack, and judgement, into love.

Observing the world, my personal journey, and those of clients, I see a new wave of energy building.  And it’s strong. It’s the wave of Love. 2016 is The Year of the Heart. It’s the year in which we choose to learn how to love better, from the soul, from the heart and tap into the true love in our heart – Divine Love.

Divine Love is different from the love we’ve been accustomed to.  It doesn’t manipulate, attach out of co-dependence, suffocate or ignore.   It isn’t lonely, empty or selfish.

Divine Love is pure, unattached, unconditional, and unwavering in its expression. Every human heart is programmed with love, compassion, trust, empathy, and forgiveness. This is our true nature.

But The Year of the Heart will be most challenging, not because we will lose faith, or fail at what is being asked of us from the Universe, but because we are being asked to learn how to love ourselves. Our own Shadows must be transformed into Love. How can we truly love another if we have not loved ourselves?  How can we truly offer Divine Love if we don’t know who we are at the Soul level?

Each moment of life continues to show me how Self Love is vital to creating true love, peace, and relationships that are fulfilling at the soul level. A true sense of self is a catalyst for romantic relationships to become the vehicle through which we know God. When the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies merge, they create oneness in Love.

Love is the answer. Love of Self is part of the equation.

As we learn to become whole, love ourselves through an understanding of who we were created to be by God, then we will understand what Divine Love is and how to love another with freedom and joy.

The Year of the Heart is upon us. It asks you to explore your Soul as a being of Light, while learning a new version of how to love others.

Our truest responsibility is to awaken the Soul – everything else is secondary.


About the Author:

Pauline is a healer and a teacher of self-love, personal power, and how to awaken the Soul’s essence. Her healing and teaching practice was established in 1999, where her gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and energy healing are offered to achieve wellness and awakening. Pauline has a B.S. in Human Resource Management, is a Certified Thought Field Therapist, Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Light Body Healer, has a PhD in Metaphysics, , and is trained in Transcendental Meditation. www.awakeningofthesoul.com


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