Are you proud of your body?

Are you proud of your body?
June 7, 2013 Amber Krzys

Kate Winslet. I love her. Always have. And today, I love her even more.

I recently read a quote by her that made a huge impact. It left a mark in my mind + heart and brought even more attention to an important change that needs to be made in the conversation:


Isn’t this quote powerful?


Did you grow up hearing any women say, “I am proud of my body”? I certainly didn’t.

And, I’m not placing blame. (Mom, I think you’re amazing!) The truth is that was and still is the state of our nation – even world. We’re bombarded with made-up images that tell us we have to look a certain way to have the life of our dreams. Everywhere we turn we see sex, youth, thin, tan.



Our magazine covers display false beauty and promote quick weight-loss. Our royalty (aka movie stars) have a team of people (stylists, make-up artists, hair designers) to guarantee they meet to the high standards and expectations of their glamorous life.

Keeping up with the standard of beauty is hard. In fact, it’s impossible.

For me, I accept society’s model of beauty. I know when I walk into a grocery store I’m going to see an article about quick weight loss. I’m also going to see an article bashing a woman because she has cellulite. I know when I turn on the television I’m going to see a commercial for an anti-aging product or some advertisement sexualizing a woman’s body to sell their hamburger.

I know this. And, I don’t get mad about it, because I know the anger only perpetuates the issue.

Instead, I accept this as society’s reality…but I DO NOT accept it as my reality.

And you don’t have to either.

It’s not easy to swim upstream. To go against the grain. It takes massive courage to say I’m beautiful, right now today with acne, with whiskers, with cellulite, with stretch marks, with wrinkles, etc.

Change happens over time when enough people believe it’s possible. Look at the civil right’s movement. Look at the women’s movement. Enough souls held a higher vision, joined together and made history.

This is the opportunity we have in front of us today. We can choose to see our body as enough and take pride in it…and actually tell our children, as Kate shared in the above quote.

We are entering an era where truth is valuable and beautiful. Where your body is more than something pretty to look at – it’s a vehicle for your soul’s message.

Because of this, I invite you – no, I dare you – to stand in your power and tell someone (or everyone!) that you are PROUD of your body. Let’s change the conversation.


About the Author:
amber-9892Amber Krzys is a coach, speaker, dog lover and bodyhearter! She is on a mission to help you have a body and life you love. Her company, bodyheart, is built from her own experience evolving from an Actress/Dancer on Broadway obsessively striving for the perfect body to wholeheartedly loving the body she was given. Her courses have helped hundreds of women experience a new of way being in their body, and her bodyheart campaign is demonstrating how beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes.



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