Eclipse Season Starts Now

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We are officially in the midst of Eclipse Season. This is a period of time which occurs approximately every 6 months when our Sun aligns with the nodes of the moon (the nodes are the axis of the Moon’s orbit).  First off take a moment to reflect on what was going on 6 months ago? Are there connections to the experiences you are currently experiencing?

Now, don’t worry about understanding the technical side of these events because what’s important are the feelings underneath them.

These are times of divine intervention, fate and destiny stepping into our lives. This may sound overwhelming or intimidating; but that stress may simply be our logical minds trying to figure out all the details of what that could mean for us personally.

This is a cycle of returning to nature, our source and most importantly ourselves. On July 13th Eclipse Season kicked off with a partial eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This energy (regardless of whether you are a Cancer or not) is asking us to step a little deeper into unconditional self acceptance.

Cancer is the energy of that mother who loves us no matter what. Who has no expectations. Who only wants to love, cradle and nurture us. Maybe we didn’t have that kind of role model in reality but that’s besides the point. The point now is to understand that this is a feeling. A feeling we can access.

That being said accessing this feeling is easier said than done; especially if we’ve had or are having a hard time with our relationship to mothers.

Eclipse season is now in full swing until August 11th. This is often referred to as the “Eclipse Tunnel”.

Imagine we are each driving through a tunnel; we can’t see what’s on the other side of it. All we can do is stay in our lane and keep our eyes on the wheel.

That’s a valuable lesson for the next month. Bring the awareness home. Check in with ourselves and know that feelings are the breadcrumbs which lead us to opportunities on the other side of the tunnel.

This energy will get heavy when/if we project it onto others, our physical realities or create expectations for it. At the end of the day we must let it play out.

For example you can’t rush a pregnancy; the baby is going to come when it wants to. When nature wants it to.

We live in a world of consequences. We earn our livings, we work hard to provide for others and we do things for approval. We are taught to achieve and excel.

This next month is about debunking all the high performance standards we are sold and instead take it back to the foundation.

At the root we are alive. Our hearts are beating and there is a life force keeping us alive. Over the next month this Eclipse season is begging us to let that be enough. We are here, we’ve lived a journey that has taken us to this point and we have permission to rest a little bit.

Remember resting doesn’t necessarily mean putting our lives on hold; but it does mean letting ourselves off the hook. Otherwise the burdens of self judgment, expectations and high standards will be too much to carry.

Let’s do ourselves a favour and lay down our burdens; even if it’s just for a second because we know they will always be there to pick up again. There’s nothing to lose in loosening our grips on reality and leaning into ourselves a little more.

This quote from Anais Nin really sums up the energy:

“My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can’t be loved as I am.” ~Anais Nin

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is a professional astrologer and creator of the Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is also available for personal readings at or if you are interested in learning how to give yourself readings check out her online classes

Shannon is hosting the Eclipse Season Online Intention Circle. This hour long broadcast will go into the meaning of these eclipses, what they mean for each zodiac sign and offers a HeartSpeak meditation to align with these energies. Join here!

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