2018’s Energies: Ready, Set, Slow Down

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Ready, Set, Slow Down

January is traditionally a month where we eagerly set goals, carve out intentions and resolve to be better versions of ourselves.

It’s easy to get pulled into the hustle of achieving and accomplishing. January 2018 is a different story and 2018 is a year like no other.

There’s an invitation to shift from urgency to certainty. From chasing things down to inviting them in.

Imagine we are expecting a package; if we run up and down our street searching for the delivery truck we won’t be home to receive the package when it comes. Instead sitting and waiting in the comfort of our living room increase our chances of safely receiving our delivery.

Opportunities are knocking but we have to be home to answer the door.

It’s safe to sit still. We live in a world that promotes busyness over solitude. Hard work is celebrated and relaxation is often swapped for a heavy to do list.

2018’s energies are going to teach us where we are doing too much, where we are trying too hard and where we would benefit from a new course of action.

We’ve entered cycles that support the physical manifestation of our inspirations and visions. Over the past 2 and a half years there’s been a flurry of creative energy buzzing in our subconscious. Now we will begin to understand how we can bridge those ideas into the physical plane.

Rest and recuperation are key right now. This is a time to observe ourselves and our relationships. What is our relationship to achievement? Success? Recognition? Are we looking for something outside ourselves to tell us when we’ve done a “good job?”

Now is a time to give ourselves that validation.

January’s New Moon is a special invitation to indulge in the spaciousness of our hearts. To turn within and let connection to ourselves be the priority. It’s a time to be gentle with ourselves. From January 14th-January 17th acts of self-care will yield a big return on investment. Get a massage, receive some reiki, talk to an old friend, treat yourself to a new book and some time to read it.

Taking time to care for ourselves now will set us up to sustainably achieve throughout the year.

This is a year of making an impact. It’s a year of long-desired changes and results. However, patience, showing up consistently and being kind to ourselves is how we can make the most of this year.

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