Expanding with December’s Full Moon and Reclaiming Our Natural State of Grace

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On December 13th and 14th (depending where you are in the world) there will be a full moon rising in the sky.

Full Moons are times when the hidden comes to light; when things below the surface bubble up to be seen. This often occurs through triggers, intense emotions and relationships.

However this is not a time to get tied up in our personal struggles and dramas. What will serve us right now is to rise above conflict and observe what is occurring.

Detach. Release. Learn. Grow.

There is definitely a chance of mindgames and limiting thoughts running on overdrive. What is ultimately occurring through this energy is an expansion of our minds. We are being asked to think bigger, to open to our potential and to believe in ourselves.

However our minds aren’t going down without a fight. Therefore we must surrender the desire to combat ourselves and instead become aware of what these thoughts can teach us.

Our minds are like computers and this Full Moon is downloading a whole new operating system into our beings. The old way of doing things will only leave us exhausted.

Instead it’s time to step into grace.

But how do we do that?

By becoming aware of what we are believing. Our belief structures generate our thoughts. Therefore if we want to surrender to grace it’s time to get down to the core and make some renovations within our beliefs.

In these new energies; anything is possible. However we must believe it.

In order to allow our desires to take physical form; we must believe we are worthy. We must believe they are possible.

Our beliefs desperately want to expand; but we can’t shift something we are unaware of. This is why we must take a belief inventory. Take a moment and ask yourself what you really believe.

Reality will show you what you’ve outgrown. For example if you reach for the organic apples at the grocery store and find yourself stressing about the extra expense; a belief in lack is running.

Instead of letting uncomfortable experiences knock us out; let us detach and ask ourselves what we are believing to be true. Know that limitations and stresses are showing us where beliefs can be adjusted.

Now once we have identified some core beliefs (even identifying one will brings big shifts) let us begin to notice how it pops up into our lives. Knowing we do not need to fix it or stop it; just  become aware.

Continue to do this for as long as it takes. Continue to notice stress and explore the belief underneath. Then recognize this belief as it comes up. Don’t respond or react; instead learn and expand.

When we have a physical wound on our skin we know not to pick at it. If we kept picking it would never heal. However if we give it space our body will naturally heal it.

The same is true with our beliefs.

A natural expansion is occurring within us all; we just need to give ourselves some space.

Being aware of our beliefs instead of trying to fix them, fight them or deny them creates space for grace to enter our lives.

Here is the Full Moon’s homework assignment:

  1. Take inventory of your beliefs. Notice what’s causing you stress and ask what belief is underneath.
  2. Notice when this beliefs surfaces throughout your life. Be mindful.
  3. When you feel ready; begin to redirect your beliefs to empowering ones. For example let’s say I’ve identified a belief in lack. After noticing this belief coming up for several weeks (there is no set time, could take days, week, months even years so be patient with yourself) I decide to counter the lack by giving to someone in need.
  4. Repeat. As humans this work is ongoing. Patience, self acceptance and self compassion are so key right now.

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