The Spectrum Of Despair and The Art Of Perception

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Suffering is integral to the human experience; but so is the transcendence of it.

It is perhaps most aptly approached as a kind of learning tool, something to propel us towards higher states of consciousness. Of course, this state of perception is difficult to maintain when one is caught in the grasps of despair. However if this innate capacity to perceive suffering as merely an existential challenge could be continually cultivated, nourished and fostered inwardly; surely we would tap into that which we are in the very depths of our being.

This is the art of perception: the aligning of one’s waking mind with the underlying intuits of consciousness. Which is to say the fusion of the personal and the impersonal, the subject and the object, the perceiver and the perceived. Shall we dive in?

The degree to which one suffers is directly correlative to the extent to which one can experience its opposite; joy, love, compassion, fulfillment, etc. This is what is meant when we speak of the “Spectrum Of Despair”. The greater the extent to which we feel despair, the larger the opening for spiritual awakening then arises. This isn’t to imply that one ought seek out sorrow so as to experience joy, rather we mean to convey that there is a sort of balancing act to the human experience in this regard. If we cease to resist this balancing act then we will invariably give way to the manifestation of our truest and most authentic selves. If we could only cease to oppose our own respective states of sorrow, then we would unveil our innate human power; this power being characterized by a certain quality of adaptability and the incessant inducing of love. This is a fundamental component of the art of perception.

To view sorrow as an accelerator of personal growth is to master the human experience. Plain and simple.

The quality of one’s perception can only really be amply assessed in the context of despair, or rather in the context of how one responds to despair. Without this vital context, then the quality of one’s perception is no more than the quality of the conditions of one’s life. This is fine and dandy up until the extent that one or more of the conditions dissolve, change or transmute. Which will inexorably occur being that all outer conditions are bound by form. Forms dissipate. Conditions change, and thereby a crucial element of the art of perception is the transcending of the particular conditions that seem to encompass one’s life.

The welcoming and therein embodying of despair is an essential aspect of this transcendence, for when break on through to the other side of sorrow we come to see with utter lucidity the transient nature of all things. To be in accordance with this sense of transience is to be free of all the seemingly inhibitory conditions/forms of one’s life; for herein their true nature is wholly seen.

The cultivation of perception coincides directly with the surpassing of the form-bound mind and surely both these movements are predicated upon the Spectrum Of Despair. The quality of our awareness most accurately corresponds to the extent to which we are/are not identified with the world of form. If we define ourselves by the conditions that surround us, then the caliber of our perception will be lacking. If we are synchronized with our deeper nature and see beyond the particular forms that seem to fill up our lives then the movement of our awareness will be potent, powerful, and permeated with possibility.

If you are in some kind of acute psychic pain as you read this now, do not fight against it. Resist nothing. Allow it to take you where it needs to take you. Let it thrust you into higher states of perception. Let it bring you upon your truest nature and most authentic self. Trust it. Trust that there is a path for you and simply allow yourself to walk it.

About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and soulful warrior whose life work is centralized in the pursuing of personal profundity in the overarching ambition of proliferating love in the world.



Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and soulful warrior whose life work is that of the pursuing of personal profundity so as to induce healing and love collectively.


  1. Jay Anandan 7 years ago

    thank you

  2. Ozzy 7 years ago

    Thank you. This helps me to understand what has been happening to me since the death of my soul mate and spiritual teacher. To understand the true way to see it and to have confidence that I’m not in fact insane but actually developing the perception that we (he and i) agreed upon before we were born. To see my despair as part of that contract of development, leading to higher realms of being. It is rare to find such clarity of thinking and writing. It means a great deal to me.

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