Jupiter in Sagittarius: Making a Choice

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Having an awareness of planetary transits doesn’t mean we are able to predict the future and it definitely doesn’t mean life becomes a blissful walk in the park; but it does give us an opportunity to make an educated choice.

Whether or not we choose to believe that the cosmos influences our lives here on Earth is up to us. This is because we have free will; it’s the beauty of the human experience. We get to do whatever it is we want; for better or for worse.

Maybe we find ourselves staring up at the starry night’s sky wondering just what’s happening out there. Or perhaps we find ourselves contemplating the vast and deep space that is our Universe. Maybe we just love to admire the full moon rising. Who knows maybe we’ve never spent a moment appreciating the nighttime but love to bask in the sunlight.

Whether or not we know anything about astrology we all share one thing; we’re here on Earth which is orbiting the sun along with a series of other planets.

If everything is essentially made up of energy it’s not so hard to contemplate that perhaps those celestial bodies are creating ripples of energy that could be felt here on Earth.

If we’ve ever heard someone blasting a bass heavy song while driving down our street we know how sounds can carry. Perhaps we’ve experienced the power of paying it forward and see how an act of kindness can have a ripple effect into the collective. Or maybe we’ve notice how much better we feel after spending a day near a body of water; soaking up the refreshing energy. Just like that loud music, the act of kindness or the lakeside solitude planetary transits are leaving impressions on us as well; if we choose to listen.

The planet’s are not doing anything to us; but they are broadcasting currents of energy that flow all around us. If we know the weather forecast we can dress accordingly. When we know a pattern of energy we then have the option to choose to work with it; or not!

Now here’s the good news; the planet Jupiter is returning to its home constellation of Sagittarius.

This is a cycle that occurs every 12 years and will be in effect from November 8th 2018 until December 2nd 2019. It’ll be interesting to think back to where we were 12 years ago and what opportunities were blossoming into our lives.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and its work in a larger than life type way. It’s mind blowing and serendipitous. It can be a really fun wave to ride; if we can allow our logical minds to share the stage with our higher selves.

Think of higher selves as what we would do if anything is possible.

The part of ourselves who can sense the bigger picture. The part that tunes into our dreams, aspirations and desires. It’s the visionary parts who look past current circumstances and contemplate what could be? What could we create? What do we want to learn or experience? How do we want to expand?

The thing is sometimes we have limiting beliefs that shut us down before we can even ask ourselves those far reaching questions.

We default to thinking about how much it would cost or how we don’t think he’d be into the idea and we essentially tell that higher vision to sit down and be quiet. We exchange the potential for the practical and go on with our day to day lives.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is here to shatter the glass ceiling that comes from using reality as an excuse or limitation. It’s here to say, “hey humans really anything is possible!”. It can be hard to convince ourselves of that but if we take a look at how far technology has progressed over the last 12 years (or even 24 years) it’s not hard to argue that anything could be possible in the coming decades.

At the end of the day optimism is a choice. We can look forward to a part of our day or we can dread everything about it. We can smile or we can frown. We can believe in our potential or we can expect life to be typical. It’s all our choice.

If we are struggling or experiencing a situation that feels like we don’t have a choice we can start small. We can choose to focus on our breath. We can choose to notice our hearts beating in our chests. If we’re lucky we could to have a glass of water. We choose who we follow on social media. Choice doesn’t equal control and there are many aspects of life we can’t control. However we can come back to small fundamental choices in how we treat ourselves and what we are aware of.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is asking us to please believe in ourselves.

To try on optimism and see how it goes. However if we’re in a store trying on shoes we have to take off the shoes we walked in with. Maybe we are wearing some thick pessimistic layers; that’s ok! Let’s not use it as an excuse to get upset with ourselves but instead see the importance of awareness during this cycle.

Noticing when we aren’t supporting ourselves is just as powerful as being our own cheerleaders.

It’s not about forcing fake positivity but it is about honing in on the negativity. Not so we can make it disappear but so we can listen to it, understand it and work through it.

This cycle could feel overwhelming but if we find ourselves in that space take a moment to remember that we have a choice. We don’t have to say yes to everything. We don’t have to do it all on our own. Discernment is our friend.

Just think, even if we loved all the shoes in the store and had all the money in the world we would have no use for the ones that don’t fit.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is the host of the brand new podcast, “What the Heck is Energetic Astrology?!” In the inaugural episode Shannon gives a Jupiter in Sagittarius forecast for each of the zodiac signs. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts! Shannon is available for one-on-one chart readings, 2019 Personalized Forecasts and teaches how to interpret the energies yourself in her online class, “The Art of Astrology Online Academy“. You can find all that and more at www.shannonhugman.com and follow her on Instagram (@shannonhugman) and Twitter (@shannonhugman) for current energy forecasts.


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