Spiritual Balance in Business

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Whether we are man or woman, we are now all being called to be leaders and pioneers.  Empowering new ways of being and working towards creating more balance in our lives, businesses, corporations, institutions, communities, countries and world.

We are being called to bring forth the qualities of imagination, intuition, sensitivity, empathy, compassion, openheartedness, flexibility, receptivity, acceptance, self care and non- judgment.

This does not mean we drop the more traditional business requirements of vision, determination, clarity, focus, knowledge, adventure, strength, courage, integrity, persistence, endurance, leadership or inspiration; but rather we create a balance between the two and operate from a higher level of BEING.

As we practice and LIVE these qualities in our own lives and our own businesses; we are planting the seeds of awareness and experience for others who will draw from these when they are ready.

We are not meant “to fit in” with the status quo of the current culture!

We are here to help it grow and change.

To make a difference and to help business be free of the fear that leads to competition, domination and power struggles we must do this first within ourselves.
This not only automatically changes how we operate our own business but also creates a living template for others to follow.

This balanced way of being is accessed through our feminine power. Whether we are man or women by connecting to and through living from our heart truths, our genuine values and our fierce gentleness.

This is not weakness; nor is it aggression.

It is a FIERCE COMPASSION that REFUSES TO DESCEND INTO JUDGEMENT. If it does, it rises again to compassion; over and over again.

Men and women in touch with this power are able to love deeply, have compassion, be truthful and honour what really matters; whether it fits into contemporary culture or not.
They know that by doing this they are helping create, support and sustain a new culture with wiser values.

Living and acting in this way leads to more creativity for problem solving and positive contribution instead of defensive measures. This emphasis is on personal empowerment, healthy relationships, clear communication and inspiration.

Do not give in to an old paradigm social construct that says this power is not enough. Do not believe  that we must compromise our values, our beliefs or our compassion to get ahead.  Do not believe that we must fight aggressively for any particular side of an argument.

Realize that everything that triggers an emotional response is showing us something about ourselves.

Look inwards and deal with this; only then will outer reality mirror your inner equilibrium and equanimity.

We are required to do this individually and collectively.

This is LIVING in ONENESS. Not just intellectually knowing or agreeing with it. Only then will we create the change we seek in the external reality.

About the Author: Athena Melchizedek is dedicated to the development of evolutionary leadership based in Unity Consciousness through her programs of self-empowerment, personal mastery and management of the human bioenergy field.

She will be offering a LIVE INTERACTIVE MASTER CLASS very soon on this very topic.
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Athena is an internationally experienced business consultant, transformation facilitator, mentor and energy practitioner specializing in remote transmission.

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