Solar Eclipse Forecast: Igniting Our Desires

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February 15 at 9pm UT we are experiencing a Solar Eclipse. Approximately every 6 months Earth is blessed with a Solar Eclipse. This is essentially a super potent new moon. Let’s first look at the symbolism of a new moon and then elaborate on what lessons this particular partial eclipse is bringing.

A New Moon is a time of starting fresh. It’s a time of setting intentions, planting seeds and aligning with your desires. Let’s think of the Universe as a restaurant; we have to place an order. However when we are dining do we micro manage the cooking process? Do we go into the kitchen and tell them how to make our food? Chances are that’s not how we do it; if we do it’s probably stressful and uncomfortable.

When we place an order at a restaurant we sit back and enjoy our drinks and company; patiently awaiting the meal to be delivered.

That’s the best attitude to hold during this time of creation. Set the intention but remember that too much control can put a cog in the manifestation process.

Now think of a Solar Eclipse New Moon as a time when we are given miracle grow; to pour all over our seeds. It’s a time when our energy will take form physically. This is why it’s so key to get our desires in order.

This particular phase is inviting us to dig deep and get honest with ourselves. What are our deepest desires? Often on Earth we like to bury those yearnings; either because we don’t feel worthy or because we can’t figure out how they will happen.

However they don’t go away. Anything we deeply long for yet have sent away will fester below the surface. These passions want to take physical form; not only will they help us but the world will benefit from our creations too.

Let us think of these desires as a fire. Fire can be so helpful; when we are mindful and responsible with it. When we give these passions a figurative fire pit to burn in; we can enjoy them and as previously mentioned the world becomes a warmer place. Conversely a wildfire can be untameable and extremely destructive. Yet both are still fire.

Let’s give our creative passions space to flourish; instead of denying them entrance into our lives. It’s when we deny our desires that they become wild and destructive.

As we take a look at ourselves may we notice where we’re benefiting from our fires and feel thankful. On the other hand may we understand that anything which has ended is simply paving the way for a new beginning.

Remembering wildfires are as an essential part of the circle of life and many ecosystems depend on them for renewal.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman (@shannonhugman) is a teacher, speaker, astrologer, Heartspeak emotional healer, reiki practitioner and above all a creator. She is offering a special online event specifically for this Solar Eclipse. Read more about that here. Shannon is available for personal readings at or if you are interested in learning how to give yourself readings check out her online classes.

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