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At one of my classes the professor of the class before mine always takes his time in leaving. He never says much to anyone in my class as he carefully wraps up his papers in a suitcase. He does give a polite nod and an almost-smile to everyone before he leaves. I don’t even know his name.
Earlier this week, he caught me off guard when he asked the five of us who were there early if we had ever heard of the Broken Windows Theory. All five of us shook our heads.

Until he told us I didn’t know that the Broken Windows Theory was developed in 1982 by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling. The theory was that if police cracked down on petty crimes and misdemeanours like panhandling, disorderly behaviour, and public drinking; then more serious crimes like rape, murder, and robbery would significantly decrease.

The theory was put into practice in New York during the 90s in neighbourhoods with high crime rates. The police discovered that if a brick was thrown at a window and it wasn’t repaired; more and more people would throw bricks at other windows. Buildings were being destroyed brick by brick.

Even mothers taking a walk with their children who were still in strollers were throwing bricks at windows.

Disorder breeds more disorder. However, they found that when a window got repaired right away; hardly any more windows got destroyed. Petty crimes were punished which caused felony offences to drop 40 percent and the homicide rate was cut in half.

My point to all of this crime talk is that our feminine essence can be accessed in a similar way: by fixing the little things. Believe me when I tell you the big things will take care of themselves.
Little shifts like leaning back, bringing your attention to your lower body and feeling all of your feelings will help fix the “big stuff”. Such as making a positive impression to a potential client or employer, creating a passionate love story with a healthy masculine counterpart and feeling like a juicy feminine goddess with a zest for life!

It’s the little things. It’s always been about fixing your broken windows.

I don’t mean that you are broken. I just mean that to see big changes give attention to seemingly small changes and be mindful with them. The impact on your life will be immediate.

Would you like to give it a try?

I have some practical exercises and tips for you to start doing right away that will make you feel good and help you to align back into your feminine energy. Allow yourself to witness the positive impression you will make on everyone you come into contact with. You can:

1. Meditate
2. Move sensually
3. Lean back

When you begin a meditation practice; your emotional well-being will be increased. You will start to feel the effects of depression, anxiety and fear lift while emotional healing will skyrocket. Your mind will also transform as you implement mindfulness into your life with better creative thinking, quicker recall of facts and a stronger ability to ignore distractions. If you’re like me and like to google everything; there are tons of articles to read about the benefits of meditation. It’s crucial in nurturing your feminine essence.

During my meditation I love listening to Tibetan singing bowls or female healing music on YouTube. I keep my attention on my womb space which is the place located three inches below the navel. Picture a little globe of light in the middle of your pelvic bowl. I inhale on “womb” and exhale on “space.” Witness any thoughts or emotions that arise without grasping them and continue bringing yourself back to *inhale* “womb” and *exhale* “space.”

Move sensually
I love moving my body in sensual ways because it takes me out of my head and “into” my body; which is where the feminine essence resides. It can be something simple; don’t worry you won’t have to install a pole in your room.

The next time you are alone move your hips in figure eights. It can be to your favourite music or even silence. As long as you consciously enjoy the movement. Enjoy feeling the tingly energy that comes up. Be watery and fluid because there is no wrong way to do this. You can move fast or you can move slow. You can even just dance! Be amazed by what this simple move can do for your mood.

Lean back
A lot of the times when we try to make a connection with someone we’ll lean forward and encroach on their space. We try to merge our energy with theirs. If you’ve ever had that done to you; you know how uncomfortable it feels and often will want to move out of their “bubble.” We’re all probably guilty of doing this too.

The next time you interact with someone breathe into your lower body. You’re home there. Then physically lean back even if you don’t feel like you were leaning forward. Continue to breathe into your lower body and your own energy field.

When you lean back and focus on being in your lower body you create an energetic separation that automatically makes people feel safer and secure in your presence, even if they’re not aware of it. Ironically, it is this energetic separation that allows two people to form a deeper connection, romantic or otherwise.

When I first began my spiritual journey, I felt like I had to make a lot of big actions all at once to change my life and really embody the goddess. In many ways, that’s the easy thing to do. The hard part is implementing and sticking to the little changes. Keep fixing those broken windows and watch your life change for the better.

Until next time,

About the Author: 
Jessica Gray is a yogi, teacher, writer, and blogger on divine feminine spirituality from Massachusetts. Meditation is a heavy component of her work. She is currently working on her first book, Goddess Present. You can visit her blog: or follow her on Instagram @goddess_intuitions



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