Is The Master Shift the 100th Monkey?

Is The Master Shift the 100th Monkey?
July 6, 2013 TheMasterShift

Can a small group influence all of humanity?  The 100th Monkey effect says yes.

In 1952 Japanese scientists were studying a monkey population in a Northern Japanese Island.  They gave the monkeys sweet potatoes covered with sand.  The monkeys enjoyed the sweet potatoes but did not like the sand.  One young monkey went to the ocean water and washed the sand off the sweet potato.  She then showed this technique to her Mom and other monkeys.  Soon most of the monkeys, excluding a few of the older monkeys, were washing their sweet potatoes in the ocean water.

The scientists noted then when the 100th monkey started to wash his sweet potato there was a conscious breakthrough.  When a certain number of monkeys learned the new way, the awareness field was strengthened and a critical mass was reach.  Soon monkeys overseas were observed washing their sweet potatoes in water.

Ken Keyes, Jr. wrote a book called “The Hundredth Monkey” where he espouses this theory.   However, there have been various attempts to discredit this information.  What we do know, and what research confirms, is that a positive mindset, followed by action can go a long way in transforming our world.

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On September 22, 2013 we will come together to “Uplift the World Economy.”   Please share this video so we can reach the critical mass….:)  The Master Shift is a movement.  Be a part of it!




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