Unfairly Treated

Unfairly Treated
October 6, 2014 Rev. Robert Meagher

Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated


“Life is remembrance in forgetfulness.

Forgive what ought to be forgiven;

Forget what ought to be forgotten.”

Mata Amritanandamayi

Whenever I have a moment of sadness, suspicion, anger, resentment, fear, or any other light-less thought, I remind myself of a very wise saying… “Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated.” (A Course in Miracles T-26.X.4.1)

When we allow ourselves to think we are unfairly treated, a cornucopia of downward-spiralling thoughts, actions and behaviors, none of which are helpful to our inner peace, unravels and unfolds. As Spiritual Guide and Teacher, Regiena Heringa, offers her “Notes from the Light – December 2013,” when we perceive ourselves as unfairly treated, we become a voluntary participant in blocking the light to enter our lives.

The size or amount of sadness, suspicion, anger, resentment, fear, or other related emotions, does not matter.  These light-less emotions are confused perceptions and block knowledge. The simple presence of these emotions shuts the door to true perception. The belief that someone else has treated you unfairly is another form of the projected idea that you are deprived by someone else, and not yourself.

The ego plays tricks on us all the time. We continuously look for excuses to blame others. We purposely turn away from the opportunities and gifts to turn inwards and discover that we have no enemies but ourselves.

Be aware, there is another layer of ego at work in the correction of “the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated.”  As the Course talks about, when we initially resist “the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated,” we are seeking to find an innocence that does not belong to the ‘other’ person but to ourselves alone.  This separation—the thought we are separate from our brother/sister—is at the cost of the other person’s guilt. These separation thoughts are born from the belief that in order for one to be innocent, the other must be guilty.  One person has to be wrong in this exchange—you, or the person who made you feel unfairly treated.

Like with almost everything in the Course, truth and reality is the opposite of the world we see. To heal ourselves from the “temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated,” we must recognize that the world ‘is’ fair and that any unfairness has been brought to our light within for healing.  It is from this place of inner light that all unfairness will be replaced with love.

If you find yourself in a state of being tempted to “perceive yourself unfairly treated,” I invite you to recite this affirmation to yourself (inspired by the Course):

By this do I deny the loving light that resides within me.

And I would rather know peace than see this unfair treatment,

Which by the light of Divine Source within me shines away.

All love to you on this beautiful day.

Shanti, Namaste, Agapé,

Rev. Robert Meagher



About the Author:

Robert Meagher worked for almost 25 years in traditional corporate settings and acted in various management roles in the education, arts, financial, not-for-profit, government, consulting, and healthcare sectors. Along the way Robert earned bachelor and masters degrees and professional certifications. Robert left corporate Canada in 2009 to set himself adrift and explore a new way of living and seeing the world we live in.  Robert is now an Interfaith Minister who embraces a spiritual life and now serves to guide all those who wish to accept the Divine into their lives.  Through Spiritual Guidance, Robert’s ministry initiative, he embraces the opportunity to serve those who wish to explore their own spirituality and gain insight into who they are, their purpose here in this lifetime and existence, and their desire to grow in Spirit.  Robert can be reached at 613-204-0299, [email protected], or through his website at www.servingyourjourney.com.



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