The Simple Path to Manifesting ANYTHING You Want NOW

The Simple Path to Manifesting ANYTHING You Want NOW
December 20, 2013 Alexis Neely



The path to manifesting is often misunderstood.  Perhaps you think you’ve been using a manifestation process, but find you aren’t calling in what you really want and are beginning to feel like maybe manifestation doesn’t really work.

I’ve been there myself and I can tell you that it does work, and you are probably doing it wrong.  It’s not your fault — most people teach manifestation at a surface level, focusing just on vision boards or feeling what you want.

If that’s your path to manifestation, I’m not surprised if you aren’t calling in what you really want.

Here is the full path to manifestation.

Follow it all the way through and you’ll manifest anything and everything you want:

First Step: Acknowledge what you want.

This can be the most difficult of all steps.  We have not been taught to acknowledge what we want, but instead to suppress it, hide it behind distaste, fear, shame or guilt, and otherwise pretend we don’t want what we really want.

As I always say, the first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want.

So, what do you really want?  (Hint: It’s probably hiding behind the thing you most fear!)

Second Step: Accept what you want (and also not having it).

This leads into the 2nd step of manifesting anything and everything you want: accept what you want and that you are 100% okay not having it and that it will come in its own time.

The more you can trust that all your needs are met and that you always get what you need, when you need it, the more likely it is that you will call in exactly what you want.

It’s a paradox, which we will cover more in the last step.

Third Step: Clearly state what you want loud and proud.

Before we move on from accepting what you want into letting go of all attachment, we need to cover the step of claiming it loud and proud.

This is where the vision board comes in. Or the writing it out in detail.  Or the telling everyone you know. Or posting about it on Facebook.

Don’t be shy with this one.  Speaking your desires out loud or making a picture out of them or other kind of creative project is one of the most powerful ways to call in what you want.

I like to turn my wants into mantras that I can write out on paper or in the notes in my iPhone again and again.

My most recent one was “my bankruptcy will resolve with ease and grace.”  The day after I began writing it out and saying it quietly to myself, my lawyer called to say “the Trustee is finalizing the bankruptcy with no further requests.”  It felt like a miracle.

It was a miracle.

{Now, before you dismiss my advice for manifesting because I’ve filed bankruptcy, make no mistake, I called that in with this manifestation process too.  Don’t ask why anyone would want to call in bankruptcy. I’ll have to save that story for another day.}

Make sure to follow my blog for all the juicy details.

Last Step: Let Go of All Attachment to Getting It

This last step can be the hardest.  After you’ve just done all that great work to get into connection with what you want, accepted it and spoke it, wrote it, or art-ed it into existence, now you need to let it all go.

This is the secret sauce in the manifestation process. 

Only after you’ve let go of all attachment and insistence or hope of it happening, the vision you hold so clearly and with so much knowing, begins to appear.

At first, like a mirage.

And, the more you believe in it without trying to lock it down, the more you say yes to  it without strangling it, the more you live into it with love, and not fear, the more solid and real it becomes.

This is how manifestation happens.


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