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As cliché as it is, it’s true to say “life is too short to be anything but happy”. Life is constantly changing, which means in order for us to keep up, we must change too. That may sound scary, especially if we already love who we are, why would we want to change? Well, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Whether we want it or not -or even realize it- we ARE changing! Every stage in life brings something new to us. Pain changes people. Miracles change people. Situations and even people change people. But this is all based on our perception and our boundaries. We are our own creators. Whatever you put in, is what you get out. Everyone’s struggles are different. Some may have to put in a little more at times (including a little more disappointment), but don’t get discouraged. Effort should not be discouraging because of how much you’re putting in, it should be rewarding of how much you’ve put in. Be proud.

The biggest reason why people give up is because they tend to focus on how much further they have, instead of how far they’ve already come.

 It amazes me how most excuses to achieve something new in life is “I’m too old. It’s too late now” and they laugh it off. Why would you laugh off a passion? You’re still here, aren’t you? Get back in school. Start a new career. Move. Whatever it is! Dead your deadlines! The silliest excuse is age. Age brings experience which brings wisdom. If there’s such a better time, I’d say to even wait longer! But since life is short and our days aren’t guaranteed, get on it now! Right now! If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it!

Another cliché reminder that is very important in order to live your life is “don’t get so busy building your life that you forget to live your life”. Money can buy things, but time is more valuable, and memories are priceless. MAKE MEMORIES! After the people are gone, after the pictures are faded, the memories remain. When we die, we can’t take anything with us, but we do leave everything behind—choose wisely.

Don’t complicate life. Don’t complicate other’s lives either. Live and let live. Boundaries are very important in order for this. Enforce them and respect them. Don’t criticize anyone. Just because someone is taking a different path than you, doesn’t mean they’re lost. Don’t agree with someone? Well, agree to disagree. Don’t approve of their lifestyle? Then don’t live it—live yours! Approval is the gateway to control. Once you let go of controlling others, you’ll have more control of your own life.

Life is about creating balance. That’s what it comes down to. To every yin is a yang. Work, but play. Be strong, but be gentle. Give, but don’t be taken for. Learn new things, but don’t over-analyse situations. Don’t wait, but don’t be impulsive.

“If you’re always waiting for the right moment, it will always be the wrong moment”. -Deanna Lupinacci

By exploring life, you’re expanding your own life. Live and let live. Make it beautiful. Stop blaming other people for things you haven’t done. It’s not that you “can’t”, you just “won’t” (for whatever reason). Stop letting other people, your past or your fear prevent you from the happy and healthy life you can have.

“A woman once asked me “what are the blocks to my happiness”? I said “the belief that you have blocks”. Perfectly said by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

What can you do to explore and expand?

-Create a “bucket list” (list of things to accomplish before you die). Actually, create two of them. One for this year and the other for this lifetime. Remember, we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. A bucket list is not a “new year’s resolution” or a “vision board”. It’s not about quitting a filthy habit or starting a healthy one. It’s not about that new car you want either. This list is about experiences and achievements. To be thrilled. Where do you want to go? Italy to ride in a gondola? Zip line over a jungle? To be a guest speaker at a very well-known event? It’s important that you actually follow through with this list. As long as it may take. That’s why we’re doing two lists. Make the bucket list for ‘this year’ a bit more simple, yet remember to keep everything on this list new. New things will have you learning about your new self. You’ll learn what you like, what you don’t like and what you love. Your soul will thank you.

-Go to new places. If you can’t travel to a new country every year like most, go to a new town. Try out a new restaurant. Shop in a new store. Site see. I live in New York and take it for granted up until recently! Learn the history of your town; of your state.

-Teach yourself! Whether you spend an hour a week in the library, watch the history channel once in a while, join a group ( is great for this), learn something new! To know is to grow. You’ll feel empowered learning, engaging and teaching about a new topic.

-Play. Give yourself free time to ENJOY LIFE. Grab a cup of coffee with an old friend. Make new friends. Visit with relatives that you haven’t seen in a while. Get a hobby, a group (again is ideal for groups) that you have a sense of belonging to.

-Appreciate everything in your life. Appreciate the flowers blooming in your yard. Appreciate people who love you. Appreciate your pay check. Appreciate your meals. Be thankful. Let people, places and things know you appreciate them.

-Read the book or watch the documentary “Law of Attraction”. Happy thoughts give you a boost of happiness. Just as sad thoughts attract sad behaviour. Be aware of the vibration you give off to other people and to the world.

-Always do more today than you did yesterday. By that, I mean– if you live alone, don’t let that be a reason to not cook. You still deserve a healthy, delicious meal. If you held the door open for someone yesterday, do it today for two people. Yes, even those people that don’t say “thank you”. My biggest pet peeve! Think of this though; those are the people that probably need that nice gesture the most. They either have so much on their minds that they forget to say “thank you”, or were raised to not appreciate the little things in life. Be understanding and thankful that you are the one holding the door and not the other.


About the Author:

Deanna Lupinacci is a Holistic Practitioner certified from The New York International Reiki Center in New York City. She puts her belief in new-age, modern therapies healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically with reiki and life coaching. She holds support groups, wellness workshops, positive programs and healing circles. Her wellness therapy is all natural which involves chakra balancing, realm reading, meditation and breathwork. Deanna uses a customized approach in creating and running all of her programs. She sees clients in Port Jefferson Station and Smithtown, New York and also holds sessions via phone and online for out-of-state clients. She specializes in stress management (which can create anxiety), relationships (communication and co-dependency), bereavement and soul searching (for young teens and adults to not only find themselves, but create themselves).


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