Finding Our Way in A World Full of Confusion

Finding Our Way in A World Full of Confusion
September 30, 2014 Andrea Riggs



We are encouraged through our yoga, meditation, or innate desire, to find our inner voice. Why is it so hard then to find?  In a day and age when literally anything is at our fingertips, from how to make our own wreath for our front door, to running to the nearest canyon and doing yoga from Youtube, we literally have anything we want at our fingertips.  Why then with all this “access” and freedom, do many of us feel lost, confused and overwhelmed?

It is not the information age, it is the information overload age! We are reminded about this as we sit on airplanes. Our desire may be to simply read (grateful for the quite moment with nothing and no one to call or txt or email us), and yet, there it is, just like clockwork, a TV is right smack in front of our faces, making it ever so difficult to not do one thing, watch it. A sense of invasion creeps in and before you know it, the truth hits, our space, each and every day is invaded. Information is thrown at us from every direction. This is now a part of our thought process, instead of thinking about a topic for a while, minutes, even hours or days or weeks, we simply “google” it and viola! Peace, still, quietness as we know it, is gone.

We tell ourselves we know what to do with our lives, or wait, was that what mom and dad wanted? Maybe our inner voice is not something that we lose over time, maybe it is something that we were never encouraged to find, in our youth, adolescent years or beyond. Maybe we simply need the guidance, the encouragement and our own not-judgmental attitude about ourselves, to find it.

Ways to find your inner voice in a world full of noise.

1.  Learning what our inner voice is.

Our inner voice is in essence our soul. Our inner voice is our spirit, our guide. It is what separates us all from one another. It is the passion that drives us to do anything in life. It is the small little voice in our heart that urges us to make a decision. You know when you have found your inner voice when you listen, do and afterward, an incredible sense of peace floods in. It may not have been the choice “others” would have chosen, or even assumed you would have chosen, but it is the one you feel at peace with. That feeling is the affirmation that you have found it!

2.  Finding Our Way. Grow.

Once we find our inner voice and understand what it is, it gets even harder! Yes, sometimes this is the most frustrating part of today’s world.  We are so inundated with information and technology, all right in our own back pocket that we begin to be addicted to it. Instead of harnessing the time and peace we need to cultivate and grow our inner voice, our path, is spent, online. We as a people are hungry, for more, all the time. Maybe the problem is that we are looking for technology to satisfy our hunger, when really what we are hungry for is something much more nourishing, something much more fulfilling, time away from it all to think, be at peace and harness our own inner voice.

3.  Living with Fearless Focus

Once we learn and grow our inner voice, we must focus and stay the course. This means each morning we allow ourselves time to focus on where we are and where our inner voice leads us. This can take 2 min to 20 minutes.  Without this constant daily reminder, it will undoubtedly, just like a light, dim once again. Maybe all you need is a picture or your own “inner” motto, reminding you.

The beauty of having an inner voice and harnessing it, is the ability it gives us to simply, be. Be ourselves. Our inner voice keeps us confident in this crazy information age, it shows us our true North, it beckons our spirit away from situations and paths that do not align with our inner voice. The truth is that even if we do get sidetracked, we will never completely loose it, it is always with us, even when we forget, even when we let others paths overrun our own. Like a light under a bushel, it is still there. At times in our lives when we feel we have lost our way, lost our inner voice, lost who we are and what we stand for; we needn’t fear. All we need to do is take the time to find it again in these 3 simple steps.


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Andrea Riggs is a fitness and nutrition specialist, fitness program developer, business owner, yoga instructor, personal trainer, transformation coach, author, total life transformation coach, essential oil guru, and most importantly a wife and a mother of 3. She is passionate about all she does and seeks passionate individuals who know they have more to offer! She and her family travel the globe building leaders, families and giving people solutions to embrace their passions and go after their dreams.

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