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My heart breaks at the things that are happening around us, to watch the things that we were told was going to happen. To feel the change coming, shaking off the excitement, shaking off the sadness, and embracing that feeling that everything will be okay because this is what is meant to be.

Shaking in anticipation. It was never about the world coming to an end, the shaking of the world, shaking of the people, when you want to wake someone up, you lightly grab their shoulders and nudge them just a bit, if they don’t come to then you grab their shoulders and shake them until their eyes slowly start to open, a rude awakening, something that the person sleeping doesn’t want to experience. They’d rather stay in that comfort of their dreams, that place where they feel they can control what happens, a place where they can fly, a place where comfort is. Not many people open their eyes and are aware of their surroundings right away. Sometimes it takes a little while, sometimes it takes all day. That awakening starts by blinking your eyes and becoming aware of your surroundings, where you are, what time it is, and thoughts coming to you about what you have to do today. Where am I going today?

It was never about an end but a shaking to awaken us. Some of us have become awakened and see the things that are happening. It might seem grim, it might seem horrible and disheartening. “Where and what has our world come to?” and to those who are still dreaming, to see this change and shaking, we have no understanding of it. It makes no sense. The world has gone crazy. The earth is dying. That is just the way humanity has become. Their spirit has died. These people will struggle, to live in a world, day to day, where everything we see is what we believe. Where everything on this earth is what makes sense to us. We get up, we shower, we eat, we go to work, we pick up our kids from school, we go home and make supper and then we get ready to go back to sleep. To that wonderful, comfortable place where our mind can take a break from the chaos and disdain of what’s happening in this world a place where we connect with our spirit. That comfortable place where we connect with who we are but the moment our eyes open, we leave that spirit behind and in the world where we walk the earth, it seems, what is this really all about?

Before we came to this earth we were our whole, spiritual, self. We were that light that went from place to place, we were light in the dark, we were light in the cold, we were light and spirit and love that didn’t need to know what was coming next, because we knew what our purpose was and we just trusted in that spirit to lead us to where we were supposed to go, we floated, we embraced the light and we waited for that moment to come to this earth. We picked our path the moment we were born. So close to who we were, who we are and meant to be as a newborn. We were connected through that spot on our head that gave us an opening to visit that place, to remind us of what we needed to do.

We picked our path as spiritual beings, we picked our path and this human form was the vehicle that would take us through this physical life. Our life, was always meant to serve a purpose. Our experiences were always meant, to make us who we were meant to be, to take us to do what we were supposed to do. It didn’t matter how large or small it seemed in this physical world, because our spirit knew what it’s purpose was to be.

So when we know that, we put all of our faith in that spirit, that creation, the Creator, that purpose. We can move forward and not take on the suffering that this physical world has to bring to us. Embrace those things, learn from those things, appreciate those things and your spirit will be able to move forward. But if you hold onto those things, dwell on those things, an feel saddened and pity yourself for those things, your spirit is held back, it’s chased away to the back of your mind and forgotten and all you will see is just what is in front of you. That sadness, that pain. A human shell that is sleeping and who has lost all hope.

We speak about love in all of our backgrounds because deep inside, we all know we have purpose. It is taught through our stories, our history our beliefs. We all know that there was a beginning, a creation a direction we were moving. Things that have happened, people we have met, seen and experiences, all a part of this path that we knew we were going to take from the beginning.

When I was born, I picked my parents. They were strong human beings that suffered from the physical place that they were put. They took on addictions and things that altered their mind and in that process forgot what their spirit was meant to be. I was told at a very young age by a spiritual man that was invited to our home and I was told to sit up with him as he lit his tobacco and let it burn all night as the sun came up. He told me that the moment I took a mind altering chemical into my body that my spirit would leave my body for four days, that’s why you feel sick afterwards and you don’t want to get out of bed and things seem difficult to comprehend. The longer you used mind-altering chemicals the farther away your spirit would go. You become empty. You have no purpose, your spirit is replaced with that chemical and the only purpose your body and mind has is to get that chemical back into your system, to give you that false sense of fulfillment, that false sense of purpose. Chasing the chemical that replaced your spirit. Those chemicals make you sleep and you cannot truly be awake when those chemicals are in your body.

When you stop taking those chemicals, your spirit starts to come back. You start to remember things, you start to feel things, you start to have ambition, your purpose starts to come back to you. Your spirit drives you to keep moving forward. Sometimes it’s hard in the first while, as your spirit comes back to you and starts burning bright again. Sometimes we start to feel fear and that our spirit is too big for our bodies, we can’t possibly take it on. We struggle with that pain, the memories and wonder why again.. does it have to be like this. There is no easy way to get through that pain but the one way to get through it is to remember your faith, your spirit, the creation, something that is bigger then your physical form knows where it’s supposed to go. The hardest thing for our human body to do is to let go of that need to know. That need to see tomorrow. It gives us comfort to have control, over ourselves, over others, especially when you’ve experienced a life where there was no control. When we don’t have control it makes us feel crazy, so we do crazy things to have that control, what we don’t understand is the more we try to control, the more things get crazy and the more the things we want seem to slip away. It takes that faith in the universe and creation to understand that we just have to let go and let things happen as they’re supposed to. Sometimes those things happen in a way we don’t want them to but it’s that faith that will allow us to be okay with it.

The more awake we become the more energy we take on, the lighter we feel. Our light begins to shine and nothing seems to phase us.

We are all born to be this way. A spiritual being at a spiritual place, a person of light, a person of creation, a person with purpose. It doesn’t matter where we come from on this physical earth. All of our stories and teachings tell us that we must love all people, respect all people, respect the earth on which we walk on and listen to the stories of those elders who have lived their purpose and connected to their spirit, they are the ones who can help tap us into that path we were born to walk on. An elder who has lived their life, made their mistakes, understood there was a purpose and can still move forward in love and light. Sometimes there are those who have lived a full cycle without remembering that they were sleeping and they suffer, sometimes we don’t like the teachings they give us because of the harshness but sometimes those are the ones we have to pay special attention to because in the end your spirit knew it had to connect with that person.

There was a story that my mother always told me that my family in particular tells over and over. It’s the story of the Creator when he comes to the earth and talks to the big brother (our indigenous people) and the little brother (the white people) He tells them, I have this book that will tell you everything you need to know. I’m going to leave it on this rock for you and when I come back I will decide who gets to keep it. The little brother didn’t think he would get it so he decides to keep it so when the Creator comes back he lets the little brother keep the book (the bible) and gives the big brother the sweathouse. There are other stories of the little brother. He’s the youngest one and does reckless things and doesn’t always know what he’s doing. He doesn’t understand a lot of things and has a lot of things to learn. I was told these stories, over and over again, and even recently heard it again and am reminded through all of these things that are happening, all of these things that our little brother is doing, that it is our responsibility as the big brother to share our teachings and guide our little brother into a way of understanding.

So there are many different people who do things in many different ways. Just like parents and older siblings. Some of us are disciplinary; some of us are gentle and guiding. Some of us hug and some of us don’t. We all are here to teach each other in different ways.

In our teachings, we were told about these shakings, things that were meant to wake us up. Not all of us did, some of us have, and some will slowly come to that place as the world continues to spin. For some of us, that big change will be so big because we’re still stuck sleeping, that we won’t know what to do. No power, no electricity, no money, none of the things that this physical world has created and caused us to feel its importance. That change for some will be more then they can bear and they will become desperate and hungry.

There will be some of us who have never had anything, and don’t really care. But those who have nothing and are still sleeping, only see the suffering. They can’t see an end to the darkness because their light has left them. In the end, it won’t really matter and they give up and they will become desperate and hungry.

Most of this desperation and hunger doesn’t really come from the food or the material things that bring us physical comfort. What we’re missing, that desperation and hunger is the loss of our spirit. It will be a struggle for those people to find a new way of living. A new beginning. For those people to awaken they have to bring an end to the physical world that they believe is true. To let go of those things that don’t really mean anything. To awaken and reconnect with their spirit, a place of loving and purpose. That is the struggle, that is the change, that is the end.

And for those who have awakened, to become the big brother, the helpers, the story tellers, the guiders, it is part of our purpose to share our stories and teachings in a way that connects with people, to help them find a place to become awake.

It’s like the stories of our timixw. For my people who come from a specific place and language. Timixw is a thing, something you can’t see but that we absolutely know is there, that helps us along the way. It comes in many forms to guide us. Sometimes it comes in good ways so that we will continue to follow it and sometimes it comes in other ways because we’re too stubborn to listen to it and it has to teach us in another way. It comes in weather, in people, in animals, in water, in the air in the universe. It moves in and out of us and everything around us to keep us moving in the direction we’re supposed to move. Sometimes, it comes in people we don’t like, in people that we try to push out of our lives and not listen to, it takes a lot of discipline of our emotions to stop and think. What is this story or teaching I am supposed to hear to help me move closer to my purpose.

This way of thinking, this form of awake, helps us to see things in light and love. It helps us move forward in a place where we don’t feel anger, distrust, hurt and pain. It teaches us to live and move forward in a place of love and happiness and understanding. Some people call it spiritual awakening, some people call it enlightenment, some people call it sainthood. We are all the same spirits, we all come from the same place. If we can begin to move forward in love our outcomes will be different, approaching people who cause us disdain, with love will change the way they see us. It might not happen right away, does that mean you stop or give up. It means you keep living your light no matter how the other person reacts to you. Because that is living your spirit, your purpose, your light.

Teachings come in many forms. I believe my ancestors walk with me. I believe they whisper behind my ear to bring me comfort and that they stand with me when I begin to feel fear and it’s only when I acknowledge their presence that my fear goes away. My time of sharing comes when I cry. When my heart thumps and my hands get clammy. You might think it’s fear, that tingle in your stomach and you might stay stuck in that fear. But that tingle isn’t fear, it’s your spirit that’s shaking you and telling you that something has to happen. Follow your gift without thinking about it. My gift is to share stories through spoken word and sometimes, only sometimes do I let go enough to be able to share it in written word. The only time I tap deeply into this place, is that moment where my mind stops it’s chatter and the inner voice stops its talking. It’s a place where I listen to my heart and feel the tears on my face, when the words come out that I’m supposed to share. There aren’t very many times that I can write like this, I haven’t disciplined myself enough to get to that place where I can write and share through written word like this. It’s like that moment when I decide to speak, a place where it comes from just opening my mouth and trusting in my spirit and the ancestors that share with me, the stories and teachings that come out of my mouth. It’s a place of faith.

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