I Changed My Mind

I Changed My Mind
February 2, 2013 Emily Rose

After a yoga class filled with mini-realizations, I feel inspired to talk a bit about gratitude.

When setting an intention at the beginning of any yoga practice, I’ve only ever focused on something I’d been striving to cultivate more of in my life—peace, patience, humbleness, humility, etc.

Never before had I set an intention for something I was already in abundance of.

But this afternoon, it was obvious that my whole being did not want to stop resonating at the frequency of gratitude. As a result, a few ideas and thoughts surrounding gratitude came to mind that I want to share.

During the class, it occurred to me that the word “gratitude” could be looked at from an outside perspective, not only as an overused (and therefore insincere) word in the “New Age” or “Hippy” community, but also as a word that denotes exclusivity.

When I was still prancing along the outskirts of spirituality, I remember hearing people use the word all the time. I’d catch myself rolling my internal eyes just the teeniest bit, wondering why that word was so overused.

Conscious of the past judgment, years ago I searched for another word to use to describe the same sentiment, but I just couldn’t find one which expressed the state of being as thoroughly as “gratitude.” So I submitted to continuing use of the word at the risk of sounding redundant—or worse—generic.

I simply can’t use the word without deeply feeling the sentiment.

Following those lovely thoughts, an even more profound realization came to mind—how I arrived in this sustained state of deep gratitude and joy.

At one point in my life, I wanted to die. I didn’t want to be on Earth anymore, as it was just too painful.

Years later, I was doing much better. I considered myself totally content. I was having fun, had lots of great things, was “in love,” really liked my job. For all I knew, life was good.

Yet even though life was all I thought it should, or perhaps, could be, the undercurrent of my mental-state was still primarily set in negative thinking. Although it never felt good, I gossiped regularly, partied with my friends, drank alcohol a couple nights per week, and ate what my mind wanted—not my body. I desired power, attention, drama, material possessions, and external beauty.

Through my personal evolution, there have been many times I’ve witness the transformation of thought patterns, always in reverence to this magical shift.  But never before had hit me like it did in yoga today, the absolute simplicity of the fundamental shift I made, which ultimately redefined my perspective, and therefore my world.

Simply put, I changed my mind.

The ever-continuing practice of acknowledging all there is to be grateful for in my life has expanded my existence to allow for more to be grateful for.

Whether it is amazing relationships with incredible people, indescribably beautiful physical surroundings, affluence and material abundance, or awe-inspiring opportunities, the Universe absolutely responded to my mind change.

After reading amazing authors and researching the practices that had positively benefited the lives of many, I turned my attention to the positive.

I intentionally inundated my life with happy things.

I only watched comedies.

I only listened to “happy” music.

I only hung out with people whom I felt stoked to be around.

Basically, I only consumed positivity.

With an inflow of joy, it was easier for me to begin to focus on the great things in my life, rather than the things I deemed “negative.”

So tonight, in a flash of clarity, I witnessed how merely switching one’s mindset can lead to living in a state of bliss.

It takes time and practice, but how GRATEFUL I am for the perspective shift.

The gratitude that embraces me throughout each day helps me to face the challenges of living in today’s world with joy, presence, and, well, gratitude.

I only watched comedies.

I only listened to “happy” music.

Call me a hippy.

Call me generic.

Call me what you want.

I’ll still be vibrating in a state of gratitude, heart swelling with love for all.


About the Author: Emily Rose has extensively studied romantic relationships and the relationship with self, and subsequently views connectivity between all things as the catalyst that will be the success or demise of our species. She is driven to expose the interdependence of humanity and reveal the necessity for unification. She currently resides in Chico, CA with her beloved companion of thirteen years, Miss CaliCat. Emily Rose publishes content daily on her personal blog, http://365daysofcelibacy.com/ where she shares the unfolding of her life as spirit in human form. Please join her on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/365DaysOfCelibacy




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