Important Lessons We Can Learn From Children

Important Lessons We Can Learn From Children
May 20, 2013 Divya Bannerjee

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Think about your fondest and most beloved memory.

For a brief moment, feel the way you felt and breathe in the surroundings.  Think about the thoughts that you had, take in the people or places around you, and just let yourself be absorbed by this one special moment.

What do you remember about the way you felt?  What was it about this moment that made you feel this way?  For an instant, did it take you back to a child-like innocence all over again?

Being yourself back to now, consider your present life.  What has changed?  What holds you back from having that happiness at any point, or time, in your life?

Maybe there are too many responsibilities, too many commitments or pressures, day-to-day ‘problems’ that need to be solved yesterday… After all, life isn’t meant to be all ‘fun and games’ now, is it?

But why not?

Look at our children and their behaviours, namely how they handle problems!  You might argue that the concerns they have are minimal, but I’d say it is relative to each individual and based on their own knowledge and experience.  Adults are more equipped than children as they have more familiarity and practice in the world, therefore bigger problems are part of the balance in play, enabling you to grow and learn.

Each situation in life changes us.  It moulds us to become the people we are born to be.

It is merely our mindsets stopping us from getting more out of life.

Yes!  Children are fearless, and will give anything a go!  They are filled with excitement, and cherish every opportunity that comes in their path.  Everything is a game!  Everything is joyful!  They see so called ‘problems’ as surprise packages – magical events brought into their lives with the sole purpose of helping them to learn and grow!  From learning to eat, crawl, talk, walk, to recognise people and objects, then to becoming socially aware and eventually more independent. It’s all a wonderful challenge!  And they do it with utmost enthusiasm, and passion, on a never-ending quest for knowledge!

So what if you could see things differently now?  What if you could experience your life through the eyes of a child again?  What if you could see the pain as a learning curve, or a stepping stone in between large puddles that will soon dry up?  What new adventures would you tackle today?

A note, before you embark on your new, exciting journey ahead… the super-evil fear disguised as ‘Reality’ is poised, ready to knock the door down and come rushing in!  Should he catch you, he will no doubt drag you back into a dull existence you know and despise!  He’ll ensure you are totally unprepared when so-called magical surprises come, and expect you to become bitter when they don’t align with your expectations of how your world should be.

So try not to get caught, and instead, be creative and fearless, be bold and confident, and trust unconditionally.  See your world through the eyes of a child and:

1.  Laugh More!  Find humour in every situation.  No matter how bad it seems, there is always a silver-lining behind any dark cloud(s).

2.  Love More!  Give unconditional love. Don’t be afraid to show you care.  You will be amazed how much it will be reciprocated!

3.  Let Go More!  Forgive those who have hurt you.  Holding all that negativity only affects you.

4.  Lay Bare More!  Take risks, and seize every opportunity.  You never know what could result from it.  Take a chance and see!

5.  Learn More!   Be inquisitive, and creative.  Keep working at trying to find new ways to keep you motivated and energised!

Finally, we would all benefit from ‘Living in the moment’!  After all, the world is our playground, and we should enjoy every second of it!!

In fact, I’ll meet you there!  I’ll be waiting right next to the swings!


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“Divya Bannerjee is a certified Strategic Interventionist, Relationships Coach and NLP Practitioner. She spends her time working three days a week for a top tier global consulting company, and running her own life coaching business the remaining two days of the week. Her weekends are spent with her amazing family, including a wonderfully kind husband, and beautiful baby girl. She is on a constant journey to find out more about life and it’s lessons, and looks at empowering and inspiring women through her company Awaken The Inner Goddess (”





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