February 2, 2013 Julia Fairfax


*This article was submitted by Master Shift Community Member Julia Fairfax.


As winter begins to make way for spring, so our thoughts turn to detoxing and focusing on what we wish to plant for the coming  season.  How often do you give yourself time to look at your own thoughts, beliefs and feelings about yourself and where they might need a bit of a detox and spring clean?  What are you planting in your own inner garden?


Are you still being influenced, if not controlled by your inner critic or inner pessimist, victim and the rest!!  How many of you gaze wistfully out of the window, wishing you could be something else or somewhere else or have a different career, relationship, life…..? How many of you share the currency of suffering as a means of exchange with your friends and family rather than sharing  your latest wonderful news?


Of course we all have sadness and grief to cope with but how we do and the ways in which we allow it to colour our day to day life can make a huge difference to who we are and how we live and love.


Do you love yourself whole heartedly?  Are you a good parent to yourself?  Do you even know what that means??


The effects our thoughts, beliefs and feelings have on our physical health are huge.  Bear in mind we are over 70% water. An incredible research scientist,  Maseru Emoto has devoted his life to showing how words and feelings can change the crystalline structure of water – so allow yourself just a moment to focus on what your negative thinking and feelings are doing to your body’s chemistry.


Photo Credit: Dr. Emoto

This is the structure of a water crystal after being  subjected to the words and vibration of gratitude.  The difference between what simple words do to us is
just incredible.  Now this is going to have the same affect on our actual cellular structure and memory.  The more we subject ourselves to negative self talk and feelings then just look at what happens.


Photo Credit:  Dr. Emoto

This is after the same sample of water has been subjected to the words ‘you fool’. And that is not exactly harsh, as we perceive, is it?


So why not treat yourself this Spring to really detoxing your inner world – just simple changes can make dramatic improvements to how you feel about yourself as well as your energy levels let alone your self worth and self image.  Come and have a lift up with fun and humour –  and the difference it makes with immediate effects can be dramatic.


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