Mind-led vs Heart-led manifestation: I’ve tried both but only one led to my life purpose

Mind-led vs Heart-led manifestation: I’ve tried both but only one led to my life purpose
November 19, 2014 Christina Lopes

Early 2013. I was lying in bed, staring at the dark ceiling. My mind was trying desperately to figure out what exactly was happening to my life. “The plan seemed so awesome. What the hell just happened?”  I was in that delicate but critical phase right after a life storm hits: lost and numb. My mind had decided years before that a perfect life was something like this: go to college and get as many degrees as possible (because that’s what “smart” people do), find a partner, get married, climb up the career ladder, buy a house and a dog, and live happily ever after. Great plan. At least it seemed like it.

So how on earth was I staring at the ceiling one night, my marriage in shambles, unsure if I could finish a very rigorous Master’s degree, and feeling totally lost and alone? Well, it turns out our mind plans can bring us so much pain— especially when completely divorced from what the heart wants. And why is that? Here’s the answer in a picture.


head_heart (final)


Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the mind. It’s a magnificent tool of co-creation. The problem is, it doesn’t like being a tool. It wants to command. And it is your responsibility— as the infinite consciousness that inhabits your body— to put the mind in its proper place. Let your heart lead. Let that magnificent center in your chest command. Your life will change in ways that your mind just cannot grasp. And the best part is: the heart may not have a “life plan” but what it manifests is so much more beautiful than anything your mind could imagine.


About the Author:  Christina Lopes. PT, DPT, MPH

Christina was born in California but raised in Portugal’s breathtaking Azores Islands. Educated in the United States, she spent almost a decade working as a pediatric physical therapist, before a significant life event triggered her “awakening” in 2013. She is now living her life’s purpose as an Energy Healer, writer and spiritual teacher.

You can connect with Christina and learn more about Heart-Centered Living at www.christina-lopes.com.




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