Full Moon May 2016; Welcome the Shadow

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This weekend we are experiencing a ripe full moon illuminating our skies. This astrological event occurs when the sun and the moon are at opposite sides of the sky. It can feel like a pull, or an expansion and may not be comfortable; however it’s a blessing in disguise because you become aware of your shadow side.

The sun, which in astrology represents our conscious awareness, is shining it’s light on the moon. Symbolically the moon represents hidden parts of ourselves, old patterns and the subconscious. Essentially what is happening is that these deep places within us bubble up to the surface.

The gift is the awareness.

Let’s imagine that you have a storage unit filled with old belongings. In fact you forget what’s even in there and the lights are broken so it’s not easy to look around and take inventory. A full moon is like someone handing you a flashlight. Now you can go into the storage unit and explore what’s actually there and what you’ve been holding onto.

Let’s say you uncover an old book. Now you aware that it’s there! Now that you know it exists you can make a choice. To welcome to book back into your life, or release it.

This process of exploring old things you are holding onto is ultimately a good thing, however it’s definitely an emotional experience. Most of the time it takes an a emotional trigger to occur (such as an argument or honest conversation with ourselves) to realize that you are still holding on.

This is happening now. The triggers will bubble up, however if you remember that they are teaching you and that there’s a treasure on the other site of your reaction; the journey becomes easier.

Notice what’s causing you stress this week. Is there something you are ready to let go of?

This full moon is intertwined with Mars retrograde. We are becoming aware of where we must update our beliefs. If there is an area of your life where you are playing it small and safe, this full moon may invite you to come have an adventure.

This is a process. Each individual is updating their belief structures and realizing that they have huge amounts of potential. It’s not always easy to step into your full potential, but it is always worth it.

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to release. There is no race and urgency is an illusion. Instead get out that flashlight and take an honest look at what you are holding onto to. Next think about what you may want to release.

Finally know that when you accept who you are and believe in yourself, there is nothing you cannot do.

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About the Author: Shannon is the editor for The Master Shift blog. She is a writer, artist, astrologer, teacher, assistant, emotional healer and more. Shannon loves to help others discover a passion and excitement for life. She is available for personal astrology chart readings. One of Shannon’s passions is emotional healing; she is a HeartSpeak practitioner. This is a system that identifies the emotional stress behind physical symptoms and works to clear and replace these stressors with healthier feelings. Above all else Shannon’s intention is to BE a part of the Master Shift by centring in a space of love and transforming planet Earth as we know it.

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