Alive and Awake: Planting Songs, Singing Seeds

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Being raised on a farm I was always teased for eating health food, choosing water over soft drinks and singing to trees. The big challenge came as I started doing farmer’s markets. Where I was forced to play “farmer’s son” like some rare animal who still foraged for root vegetables and heirloom fruit. Through some hard knocks, I learned there was a theatre to this world and I saw my role as a “perfarmer”. I began selling watermelons on the back of our family pickup truck at 5 years old and eventually graduated high-school running 6 market’s per week with over 100 different fruits and vegetables from LA to the Bay Area, California. Though I was really just a glorified farm hand – still attending school – I grew up intuitively studying this ancient connection between land, culture and food.

I remain forever grateful to the farmworkers who raised me and taught me to appreciate hard work and good food. Farmers throughout our nation and world not only do the backbreaking job that no one else can do, but they do it with perseverance, dignity and love; all while no one is watching or saying “thank you”. I also remain forever grateful to my mother and father, who showed me that early mornings and manual labor carry a life-fulfilling virtue that no celebrity or CEO can ever touch. For that reason, I dedicate this music video to all the hands of our global food-supply chains; the world wide web of nourishment that holds a key to solving so many of society’s ills. Whether it’s hunger, poverty, racism, potable water or the global climate crisis, we can share our recipes for peace and healing in our everyday relationships to our food and the market that delivers it. So, no matter who you are or what you eat, always “give thanks for the grub” … your next meal just might hold the key to world peace. Or, at least, whirled peas!

Executive Produced/Directed/Written by Aaron Ableman
Edited/Animated/CoProduced by Darius Farraye (
Director Of Photography by Chihiro Wimbush
Special shout out to Dre Johnson for helping birth the song concept.

Song from “Alive & Awake: Planting Songs, Singing Seeds” (Copyright 9/21/2017)

In partnership with Quality Of Life Media Inc, LOOKtv, Dhana Inc, The Master Shift, Forest Nation, Earth Guardians, UNIFY, Freedom Three Publishing, and YOU!


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