Thanksgiving Monday

Thanksgiving Monday
November 17, 2014 Jas Sethi

autumn_park”What is Love?”, she asked me.  I was caught off guard as I almost choked on my sip of wine.  I was not prepared to answer this simple yet deep question from this 4 year old dressed up as a Princess.  What an interesting question from a 4 year old, I thought.  Luckily, she was busy playing dress up and sticking her Disney Princess stickers on our faces.  I wonder if she will forget that she even asked me this question.  But I knew better, I guess I am safe for now.

It was a beautiful day, we had an amazing spread of food and wine.  It was only 3 of us eating, I don’t know why we always end up with so much food.  Here we were, sharing our insights and some painful lessons with such honesty and humour without any reservation or judgements.  As I laid on the sofa under the sun, Laura jumped next to me and started to tell me about her recent visit to see “Disney on Ice”.  So her latest curiosity is how to kiss like a Princess and a Prince.  She runs inside to see what her brother is doing.

We were being totally silly, laughing one minute and then talking about our deepest feelings the next while catching up as old friends often do.  All three of us were talking over each other and taking selfies.  I paused and looked down while still thinking about Laura’s question from earlier.  How do I tell this precious little girl so in awe of fairy tales, who is going to grow up to be a strong and confident, yet warm and loving woman, what love is?  Suddenly, a bee decided to join in and hang out with us.  Talk about a commotion!  I wonder if it is really true or have I convinced myself that I am allergic to bee sting because I am just too damn afraid of them and too embarrassed to admit it?  Anyways, I made some gestures and noises that were definitely less than lady like.  Finally it fell in my glass of wine and got drunk.  Ah, I guess I am not the only one who is a one drink wonder.  What is this I am feeling?  I am overcome with emotion again.  It is during moments of chaos or desperation that I become aware again and again that I am right here, always in the now.  Later, I looked at Laura as I pointed out around me and said, “Sweetheart, this is love, right here, right now”.  And to my surprise, her reply was “I know.”

P.S. – Today, my gratitude came to me in this moment of comedic chaos, joy and bliss.


About the Author:

Jas Sethi is a Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Guide and Cross Cultural Trainer. She is an advocate of mindfulness and power within. Jas was born in India and raised in Canada, balancing eastern philosophy with western living.




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