Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude
February 10, 2015 Natalija Jelicic


“Gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive”

Predominantly, psychology has traditionally been focused on understanding distress. Following an experience of trauma and negative events, our bodies and souls foster many distorted energies that can consume too many facets of our being.  I trust it can be beneficial in feeling, expressing and acknowledging all those intense emotions, whether they comprise of negativity or positivity.

If you’re sad, you’re sad. Full stop.

Being miserable happens, yet, there comes the crucial point of feeling it and deciding to continue forth. Damage ensues when we unpack and set up camp in this negative mind frame.  The tunnel mutates to thick blackness and despair. The spatial awareness has constricted, it is painful to take a breath. Making it through any one day will engage a programme of autopilot, an automation of robotics, a numbness extends to the core.  If this is given any nourishment it will set up camp in our minds, sometimes by surprise, usually uninvited. It has chosen not to leave, encrusted.  The memory, the feeling, the negative emotions attempt to engulf.

Something, anything must evict this, the traumatic experience is over.  Done.  Acknowledge and release it.  Create a space for healthy, nutritious and positive growth.  Develop a mindset transformation.  Manifest it. Gain control.

I chose to commit to this one morning.  I awoke at 5:30am, my mind and body were experiencing combustion as a result of the defeatist tape player on repeat. It was enough! I’d had enough. This was no longer how my life was meant to be, it was too heavy to sustain that identity that had formed. I had to feel clear and radiate, a bright light towards any darkness.

A somewhat simple, yet, astounding implement I embraced to venture forward with, was an awareness of gratitude.

What can we be thankful for?
What are we truly grateful for?

The outcome or goal is to actively explore a positive moment, feeling, occasion or experience that we can embody a deep appreciation for. I dove deep and began with writing the numbers 1 to 100, a visual counter for the technique in action.

It doesn’t matter how many we can complete or even how long it takes, it is fundamentally the process of mindful adjustment to our current thinking patterns and chosen beliefs.  The shift that occurs from this somewhat basic approach is fascinating and ultimately freeing. There sincerely is an abundance of affirmative value around us that we can be grateful for, the awareness is prosperous, wholesome and productive. It is positive, vibrant and soothing. It will transform.

Introduce it.
Welcome it.

Start with the discovery of one small thing you are grateful for.  Unearth 10 things, 20 things. The fluidity will conceive the powerful essence of gratitude to ease through, and in turn remedy distress and suffering.

By consciously altering our own cognitive pattern, from negative to positive awareness, on a habitual premise, creates the continuous enrichment.

In light of sharing is caring, I implemented this technique and discovered, with some effort, all that I am truly grateful for. I can no longer, from here on, unpack and inhabit that destructive attitude as i actively absorb a new nature of appreciation and optimism for my substance and my spirit.

100 personal Gratitudes:

I am grateful I woke up today to live.
For those cute yet noisy birds outside my window.
That I have a nice bed that’s mine.
That I have clean water to shower in.
An uninterrupted peaceful shower.
A shower screen adorned with my positive affirmations.
Good Karma Serum for my face and skin.
That my skin is finally improving.
A large selection of nice clothes to dress up.
My body is forgiving after sustaining three children.
This is luckily achieved with minimal effort.
A nice warm coffee to sip as I ponder my gratitude.
My two beautiful girls still peacefully asleep.
My handsome and mature son, relaxed on the couch.
That I have three amazing, to the core, children.
Resilient children.
Children that love and respect me.
That learn from me.
That I have strength and durability to mother them individually and collectively.
I am so grateful for my beautiful home.
Our first safe and stable environment.
That hard work, sweat and tears pay off.
I am blessed to have true and understanding friendships.
They always extend invitations to fun events.
They think of me.
I am never alone.
I am never a burden to them.
I am ever so grateful for where we live.
The location, the weather, the vibe.
The beaches, the community, the nature.
The fresher air, sun, sand and sea.
A fuller existence for my young family.
I am grateful for the love that brought us here.
The support.
The strength, courage and determination.
The flower received a chance to bloom, finally and freely.
The experience of it all, to welcome it openly.
The oh so many hard lessons thus far.
The struggle and force to grow up before my time.
The battle scars earnt.
The healing that continues to evolve.
The destiny of soulmates.
I am grateful for epic and passionate conversations.
For finding and embracing my voice.
With important and meaningful things to say.
To pass on knowledge, teachings and wisdom.
To always help others.
The opportunity for education.
The experience of team sport.
The finances gained to participate.
The ability to have a working break.
To not be judged for this decision.
To rediscover neglected passions and hidden talents.
To finally wake up, take a deep breath and wear a genuine smile.
For family support.
That my parents are making up for lost time.
A healthy tie to extended family.
To have developed respect and a strong bond with my only sibling.
For forging new and wholesome memories.
An abundance of positive friendships.
I am grateful for my repaired and renewed health.
For listening to myself and respecting my body.
That I’m fit and strong.
The love of dance and the ability to express myself.
The essence of beauty, the embrace of true inner beauty.
The confidence to whirlwind in public.
I am grateful for the attention and to envoke feeling.
The developing filter for people.
The strength in convictions and truth.
I am grateful for justice.
The journey for obtaining justice.
The journey for peace.
The art and practice of mindfulness.
To have access to technology and media.
In utilising it to gain insight, teach and enlighten myself.
To have gut instincts, awareness and strong intuition.
The ability to trust it.
The wisdom and foresight to act upon it.
For breaking free and taking the other path.
The amazing gift to truly forgive.
The awareness of manipulation, and negative energy vampires.
My intense journey that is my life story.
The courage to choose freedom.
The perseverance.
My open, constantly healing heart.
I am grateful for my wisdom beyond my years, matched with a youthful appearance.
The deep nurturing and protective nature.
To be able to actively heal, embrace cognitive training and cease self destructive patterns.
That radiating positive energy.
The witty, comical and humorous banter.
I am so grateful to be laughing.
So so grateful to have some innocence preserved.
To be able to play games with a childlike approach.
To release inhibitions, a wild womanly spirit.
To exude a relaxing aura of calmness amongst chaos.
I am grateful that I am open and approachable.
That I have anticipatory excitement for our future that triumphs over worry and concern.
That all my unique colours of the rainbow are completely and entirely loveable.
I am so fiercely grateful I can love completely.

I am alive.
I have a life.

About the Author: 

gratitudeNatalija V Jelicic is discovering a true passion for the art of the written word.  A former early childhood educator, and raising three children of her own, she embraces the values of nurturing, teaching and the expression of empathy and love.
A reclaimed free spirit, a strong mama bear with an abundance of sass.

Photo via: minimalwalldotcom (No copyright infringement intended.)


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