Easiest Ways to Shift Energy or Personal Power using LOA and Positive Thinking

Easiest Ways to Shift Energy or Personal Power using LOA and Positive Thinking
February 11, 2015 Jennifer Caruso



We all want more, more, more of the good things in life, right?  And, we want to lessen the dormant and icky resentfulness of our bitter pasts that keeps creeping up on us, creating anger and fear in our nows.  But, how?

Doing a few small LOA helpers each day will bring you the good results that desire, such as happiness, time, freedom, joy, and fun.  I fully agree with the teachings of Abraham that asking for fun and clarity mostly brings me the answers I need each day.

After repeating many law of attraction exercises and now understanding how to get energy flowing better…Now I ask for fun, and then, there I am having fun somewhere—with my kids or my husband or friends, or while I’m working.

So, try some or all of these steps without delay.  Because each is small, you can easily make time—all of the work is really in your own head anyhow.

1. Be in the moment and praise both the moment and yourself.  Enjoy the happy times and milk them, realizing that you created this happy experience for yourself.  Whatever you are doing, do it with love and care, rather than resentment or some other negative feeling.

2.  See your “goal” clearly, but also remember that the joy is in the journey…that literally means that the good feelings you are creating along the way is actually what matters.  You get more of what you are focused on, so…If you yell at your spouse every day in order to create that goal and “make” it happen, then when you reach the goal, it will still feel sour.  If you cultivate the happiness you want along the way instead…that’s what really moves us quickly to our goals.

3.  If you get off track, and are going down the path of negativity, such as worry, doubt, and fear, then pivot to the wanted feelings instead (as in Ask and It is Given)

“I wonder if I can pay those bills” becomes “I feel better knowing that when I’m happy my abundance is flowing better.”

“My child is really sick,” becomes “Everyone gets out of balance from time to time, and it’s easy to get back in balance.  I think I’ll go have a laughing contest with her.”

“Things with my Mom aren’t so great” becomes “I am great at cultivating good feelings within myself and within my relationships.  I want very much to enjoy good times with Mom and be an uplifting person.”

“Wanted feelings would be the higher frequency feelings, such as love, appreciation, joy, passion, exhilaration, freedom, inspiration, creativity, happiness, knowing, belief, peace, hope, and faith.

4.  Express appreciation often, in as much detail as possible.  Do this in your mind, in quiet moments, riding in the car and when you are alone.  Write thank you notes and send them.  Say the words to the people you care about.  Your expression of the appreciation isn’t what you notice—it is what flows from you to the world.  You have the opportunity to revel in each little tiny thing you notice, and you will feel so much better each time you notice something in your experience, that the feeling of appreciation will easily and continually draw you back in for more.

As you begin to apply these four LOA ideas, you will flow more fun and good into your life.  There will be so much that it will spill over and flow out of you as well, and when that happens, it’s magical.

Enjoy who you are, and life can only get better from there!  Much love!


About the Author:


Jen Caruso is manifesting a happy life and has recently used the LOA to feel the forgiveness and love necessary to bring many cherished relationships back into her life.  She blogs about these experiences at www.lawofattractionandmore.com


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