Follow your Intuition

Follow your Intuition
August 7, 2014 Deanna Lupinacci

follow your intuition


FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. Although it may feel bumpy at times, it’s directing you to the right path.

It is proven that the heart is around 100 times stronger than the produced brain. The electrical field is about 60 times in amplitude than the brain waves. Therefore, when our thoughts are telling us one thing– our feelings will come right in causing a possible tornado.

 It’s very simple…If something doesn’t FEEL right, it most likely ISN’T right.

A client had once told me in her past relationship; as she drove to her boyfriend’s house, she would feel so uneasy and even become nauseous. She would hear the voice inside of her whispering “don’t go”. However, she wouldn’t listen. It got to the point where whenever she saw his name on caller id, she would immediately feel something in her stomach –and not the butterflies and rainbows that it should’ve been—more like an empty, bottomless pit. She kept fighting this feeling, ignoring her inner-voice. Eventually, this ill feeling in her stomach then began to spread. Her heart began to hurt, her mind was confused, but worst of all- her soul was lost. Eventually, the pain of her insides began to show on the outside. She looked exhausted. Her inner-voice was no longer gently asking her to listen, it was now crying and screaming—begging her to listen. She was neglecting herself by pushing away that voice within. She had refused to listen because she was letting her heart take the lead instead. Her heart wanted to be in one place, yet her soul did not.She became confused. Tired. Exhausted. Weak. Sick.

Our thoughts and our intuition are two completely different things. Intuition is deeper, it is not questioned. It is felt. The mind is what creates second guessing—perhaps because although we know the answer, we don’t want to accept it. So we try to reason with our intuition, but by doing that—we are really trying to reason with our soul. We’re trying to convince our soul that it is wrong. Think of how toxic that sounds? We have enough battles in life—but the hardest are the ones where we are fighting within ourselves.

So, when your heart and your mind are playing tug-of-war, let the tie breaker be your INTUITION”. -Deanna Lupinacci

Feeling your intuition isn’t the hard part; it’s following it that is. Sometimes it hurts, but that pain you feel is actually protection. Your soul is giving you this small amount of pain (no matter how “big” it may feel at the time) to protect you from what would come if you didn’t hit the brakes. It’s not always fun, but it’s real. This thing called intuition, is what Healers call your “soul”. It’s authentic. It’s powerful. The scariest part of following it is when your heart doesn’t want to. The biggest challenge is to silent the heart so that you can hear your soul. The soul sees what the eyes can’t and hears what the ears can’t and feels what the hands can’t.

Although intuition cannot be seen, it’s felt. You have most likely all encountered at least one moment where you had that gut feeling. Whether it be in a relationship, a job opportunity, a move, a person, a place, anything! Did you follow your intuition? Think about the feeling that overcame you. Think about the outcome of the situation.


We have all heard before “do not judge”. Realistically, our intuition is already on it within the first minute whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s our protector. Sub-consciously, our gut already has a feel for this person we’re just meeting or this situation that we’re in. Feel that moment. How that exact moment is making you feel? Study it when you get a chance. Study the feelings of before, during and after that encounter. The biggest yell your inner-voice can give is when you feel it’s literally grabbing you for your attention—pulling you away from where your heart or your mind may be heading. Your thoughts then become confused, your heart may begin to hurt, and you feel an uneasy feeling running through your veins. That’s uncertainty. Why? Because you’re no longer confident. Why? Because something is pulling at you. Why?

“If you have to second guess something, think. Not about WHAT you’re second guessing, but WHY. You’re most likely to find your truth there”.  -Deanna Lupinacci

So, how can you tap into your intuition?

-Your intuition is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it will get. Practice. Observe. Have a relationship with it. Yes! Get to know it. Communicate with it. Embrace it.

-Meditation is important to clear your mind. Silence it. All day, every day, our minds are going. Even if we’re sitting on the couch watching TV. At the end of the day, our minds are filled with junk, just like a drunk drawer (some things are important, some we’ll soon forget), clean it out before bed every night! Some people will go into a deep meditation, great! If you don’t want to do that every night, then just give yourself some silence. Even if it’s literally two minutes. I personally find my intuition at its highest when I combine meditation with spiritual prayer.

-Dreams are also a source of intuition. Subconsciously, we are letting ourselves know what’s really going on inside– how we’re really feeling. If there is ever a reason to “over” analyse, its dreams. Have a dream journal. As soon as you wake up, immediately write down your dream (as we know that minutes after we awake, we start forgetting details about our dreams). When you have time decode them. Be advised, that sleeping with your television on may affect your dreams, therefor you may not have an authentic emotional one.

-Reiki is healthy for many reasons, including strengthening your intuition. Reiki expands your mental consciousness by balancing your “third eye”. Have a session done every so often or when you’re in need of mental guidance.

-Indigo. Yes, a color! Focus on the color indigo (which is a deep blue with a purple tinge). Part of unblocking your intuition in reiki is chakra balancing. This is what we teach our clients who are unclear and need some guidance. To do this, close your eyes (even if it’s during those two minutes at the end of the night, or some point through-out the day) and concentrate on this color.


About the Author: Deanna Lupinacci is a Holistic Practitioner certified from The New York International Reiki Center in New York City. She puts her belief in new-age, modern therapies healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically with reiki and life coaching. She holds support groups, wellness workshops, positive programs and healing circles. Her wellness therapy is all natural which involves chakra balancing, realm reading, meditation and breathwork. Deanna uses a customized approach in creating and running all of her programs. She sees clients in Port Jefferson Station and Smithtown, New York and also holds sessions via phone and online for out-of-state clients. She specializes in stress management (which can create anxiety), relationships (communication and co-dependency), bereavement and soul searching (for young teens and adults to not only find themselves, but create themselves).


Twitter: Deanna Lupinacci


Instagram: @soulserenityhealing

Phone number: 631-885-8228

NEXT WELLNESS WORKSHOP: How to cut emotional ties. Find freedom by forgiving. Find peace by letting go. Join us on August 14th in Smithtown, New York. For further information or to purchase tickets, please go to www.EmotionalCordCutting.ev


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