Energetic & Meditative Rituals with Spirit

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By Ulonda Faye

There is a special energy that surrounds each and every one of us.  Special, in the sense, that it is an energy of our very own.  Each one of us carries a unique energetic vibration with specific codes and patterns.  We journey into the path deeper as we awaken these dormant codes and energy fields.  Knowing that everything around us is alive and filled with energy, we walk the path with great humility and respect for all.

“How do we tap into this energy?”, you may ask.  At each moment, we can connect with our greater energy field as well as with the energy field of the collective.  Most often, it happens as we set an intention to make it an important aspect of our day and life path.

Specific rituals can help us tap into and balance this energy as well.  We set the intention to flow with it and connect with it, and we create specific rituals to encourage a deepening of this process.

I start and end my day, with this very intention, along with others, and I have specific rituals for my specific soul journey.

As I rise, I give thanks immediately for this new day.  I enjoy doing this as I roll around in bed, stretching and yawning to create an energy flow while breathing in greater amounts of oxygen.  I plant my feet firmly on the ground, as I hold an important intentional thought and visualization specifically for my soul and for this specific day.  I give thanks.

Then, I go into meditation, which is often a 7 minute meditation in the morning.  I have my meditation space set up, ready for me, as to invite me right away into the sacred chamber of my heart and soul.  I ring my 7th (crown) chakra meditation bowl.  I go within, and connect with the God and Goddess within.

After my meditation, I pray to the 4 directions, father sky, mother earth, the elders of the center, and everything within me and outside of me.  I give thanks to all these sacred aspects of life.  Then, I directly pray to my ancestors, and whisper to them my intent for the day.  I ask for a new breath, a deepening of wisdom, and for their guidance as they walk by my side.  I ask for their protection while I walk in the light transmuting anything non-beneficial into the greater good for all.  Also, I pray to them for divine intervention if I am in need of any assistance.  I thank them and stay silent briefly.

My next step is to ground myself.  There are so many grounding exercises out there, and I do use a variety of them.  If possible, I do this in nature with my feet planted on the ground.  On days where I am not in nature, one of my favorites, is being the tree of life.

As I sit straight yet comfortably, I imagine roots growing out of my feet.  Then, I envision beautiful white and golden light streaming into my crown chakra from source.  This light flows into my heart, and from my heart out into the world.  I sit with this flow briefly.  Then, I ask for and intend to continue this flow all throughout my day.  Especially, if I am out working in the public.  This keeps my being grounded and safe, and also helps others.  Additionally, there is a constant flow of energy, which keeps me invigorated.

Maintaining a focus on my breath, I breathe the infinite breath, and connect to source.  I say from my heart, “May I be a channel of divine love and light to bring healing to myself and all.”  Then, I invite the infinite field of love to deepen within me.

Now I am ready, willing and so gracefully prepared to meet the day.

I often like to focus on beauty throughout the day, and my intent is to practice loving kindness with all I meet.

In the evening, I have a similar routine. First, I use sage to cleanse my energy and spirit when I return home, and burn palo santo as I love and feel deeply connected to this holy wood.  If I feel any stuck energy or heavy energy in my home or around me, I use my rattle from Peru to fully clear the space.  I also use my rattle during my prayer to the 4 directions, shaking it 4 times with each direction.

Before I sleep, I tend to meditate longer, and I also sing a mantra or mantras of devotion.  One of my favorites is Om Mane Padme Om, which deepens my connection to my higher self, to compassion and helps manifest a greater opening of my spiritual heart.  I feel this also raises my vibration and keeps my immune system functioning optimally.

(Singing or humming is also something I do during the day if I feel any imbalance or heavy energy that would benefit from becoming more harmonized within and outside of me.)

Just as in the morning, I pray to the 4 directions, father sky, mother earth, the elders of the center, and everything within me and outside of me.  I commune with my ancestors.  I give thanks.

Then, I blow out any candles and incense and gently fall into the dream state, where I am guided through dreams by my ancestors and spirit guides.  I enjoy having harmonizing crystals in my space during this time, as I am also mindful to only use those during sleep that are gentle to the dream state.


One of Buddha’s students asked him:

“Are you the messiah?” “No”, answered Buddha. “Then are you a healer?” “No”, Buddha replied. “Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted. “No, I am not a teacher.” “Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated. “I am awake,” Buddha replied.



There are so many different tools we can utilize to connect with all dimensions.  These are a few I use regularly, and my wish is for this information to be of assistance to you.  Please feel embraced on your journey as you are fully supported and loved.  At times, it is a matter of connecting with this great energy, life force and to all our ancestors.  By doing so, and by creating rituals for your life, you also create and maintain a sacred space within your home and your beautiful soul.

May the loving wisdom of the lotus flower be with you.

May the wisdom of spirit and your ancestors guide you.

May abundant blessings be received by you.

May love be you.

May gratitude fill you.

I am grateful for this time together,

Ulonda Faye

About the Author: Ulonda Faye has a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies, and studied Peace and Conflict Research during her Masters program in International Relations. She survived a Near Death Experience during an accident that led her into Mind-Body-Spirit studies. She is a certified Wellness Practitioner, Rejuv Miracles Practitioner, holistic esthetician and an ordained spiritual minister. She walks a combination of the Shamanic and Buddhist path, and aspires to open and deepen the spiritual heart within each of us through her work. For more information, please visit fayenaturales.comfayenaturales Facebook


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