Thriving Through Venus Retrograde

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A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to be travelling backwards from the perspective of the earth. I like to say imagine you are on a train and this train speeds past the slower train beside it. Sometimes it can appear as though that slower train is going backwards; but essentially your train is just moving faster.

From March 4th until April 17th Earth will be speeding past Venus; causing a Venus retrograde.

Retrogrades get a bad wrap. There’s talk of things going wrong, mishaps occurring and all sorts of problems. That’s just not true.

A retrograde is a time of reevaluating. So yes, old stuff comes to the surface; but we want it to. Once we become aware of these old patterns we will find ourselves on the path to healing them.

This energy will give us the drive and courage to implement the changes we know it’s time to make.

2016 taught us a boat load. Soul lessons and deep emotional purges were prescribed by the cosmos. Maybe you’ve dotted all your I’s and crossed your T’s; however chances are there is still room to implement the lessons of 2016.

Change can be hard. It can be scary. Most importantly though, it’s mandatory curriculum here on Earth.

This cycle of energy will encourage us to continue to rebalance our emotional attachments and integrate these shifts within our human identity.

Our egos are getting an upgrade.

This will electrify us out of old patterns; especially those that we are resisting releasing. Co-dependency does not stand a chance.

Independence is the name of the game for this Venus retrograde. Our minds usually equate independence with being alone but that is not the truth. We are learning how to relate to ourselves more authentically and clearly.

This is the breath of fresh air all our relationships are craving. Self service has never been sexier.

This renewed relationship with ourselves may take courage but it’s what it’s all about at this point in time.

Shift your relationship to yourself and watch your relationship to everything change for the better.

Here’s to levelling up.

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