A Step-By-Step Process For Feeling Your Emotions

A Step-By-Step Process For Feeling Your Emotions
May 24, 2015 Corona Brady



Have you ever had those kinds of days where you wake up feeling funky? No matter what you do, nothing seems to shake the funk

I had one of those days a couple of weeks ago.

In fact, those kind of days used to show up quite frequently in my life.

However, the more I commit to working on myself (as in doing my inner work), I’ve noticed that those days are now few and far between.

So when they now show up, initially I’m a little shell-shocked (my ego is) and I can really feel the discomfort set in.

On this particular morning, I did my morning Sadhana (spiritual practice) as normal and had a cold shower. But nothing seemed to shake it!

So I gave myself a break, as in I took myself away from my work and took time out.

I took myself to my sacred space, lit a candle and surrendered to the floor in Guru Pranam (a very beautiful kundalini pose), which I love to do when I’m at a loss at what to do. This pose helps to strengthen the pituitary gland (linked to intuition and inner wisdom).

After a couple of minutes, I grabbed my journal and started free writing.

See, we have all the answers inside always.  By giving myself permission to take some time out, I was able to connect with my higher self and found some answers staring right back at me in my journal.

I was feeling disconnected and when I feel disconnected, lost and empty inside (which I was) the only person I’m disconnected from is god (the Universe, Spirit, Buddha, Angels, Higher Self).

Depression, anxiety, worry, suffering, fears, helplessness are all consequences of separation. I had separated myself from god.

So now when deep inner loneliness, separation, disconnection and emptiness arises for me (and there’s been lots of it lately with all the change in my life) I repeat this affirmation “God goes with me wherever I go” and it brings me a great deal of peace.

I also give myself full permission to feel whatever is there. This wasn’t always the case. I suppressed many of my emotions (for years) especially the not so nice ones.

Today I want to share with you a simple practice, so you can start to feel too.

Step by step process for feeling your emotions

1.  When an uncomfortable emotion arises, stop and pause. Look into it. Close you eyes and breathe long and slow deep breaths into the emotion. Look right into it with no judgement what so ever – only through the eyes of love and compassion. Only then can you understand it.

2.  If you find yourself saying, “I shouldn’t be feeling this sadness”, “Its wrong for me to be depressed” then its not possible to look into it. Simply observe whatever is arising in the moment for you without judgement and instead say “Its ok for me to feel this sadness”, “Its safe for me to feel this depression.”

3.  If you’ve already decided that sadness (or whatever emotion you are feeling) is the enemy it’s going to be very difficult for you to be able to go deeper and look into the eyes of it. If you think there’s something wrong with having this feeling, then you will try your best to bypass it, neglect it, avoid it and suppress it (and believe me I know all about this one). It will only remain and won’t be helpful for your growth.

4.  Drop all evaluation, judgement, blame and disapproval. Simply just sit and breathe with it.

5.  Where is this emotion coming from? Start by watching all your acts, your beliefs and your values and find out whether they are based in reality, in experience or based in fear.

6.  What part of your body are you feeling this emotion in? Does it have a shape, colour, and texture? Can you remain present breathing long, slow and deep? Go right in and breathe into the emotion. Stay present and witness as the emotion starts to change its form.

7.  Does your emotion have a message for you today?

Personally I’ve found this process invaluable on my inner quest to truth.


About the Author: 

Corona is a Spiritual and Intuitive Adviser & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

She is invested in nothing less than re-orienting you to your soul’s path. She helps you understand your purpose and embody your divine feminine.

Which means she works at an energetic level and guides you through specific Kundalini practices such as meditation, breath work, chakra work, asana and chanting. Corona helps you awaken the Kundalini energy within you. And ultimately become that magnetic, radiant woman that lives her truth.

Website: [http://coronabrady.com/]

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