Needing a pick-me-up?

Needing a pick-me-up?
July 16, 2014 Rayme Pasieka

Just the other night I was “craving one” and for no particular reason.  I had checked all my self-love boxes, went for a long walk with our Border Collie mix “Booners,” spent time with my family and ate a delicious and nutritious low-glycemic supper.  I spent my alone time being “zen-ish” but still, as I was bending over to pick up someone’s popcorn off the floor, I felt “I just want to treat myself.”

As a society we are taught that obsessing is unhealthy and therefore we don’t usually discuss this “flaw” openly on social media.  We don’t calculate how many hours in a day that we’ve just spent thinking about that random list of things that goes on inside our heads. Let me tell you that for me food is really friggin’ high on that list and I am ready to choose something that feels better.

So I found myself doing something I don’t ever remember consciously doing before. I was half-way down the road to “Chocolatey Fulfillment” (literally I could see the grocery store) when I chose a previously unthinkable path.  To feel real satisfaction, joy and liberation in a non-food experience!

On this night what had started out as a chocolate craving turned into a mini rendezvous between paved highway and a sunset skyline.  The windows rolled down, my hair and Boon Dog’s fur ruffling.  Goose bumps were leaping onto flesh and chilled air rippled over me but deeper within my self I felt home.  It may seem like a simple sort of excitement and freedom, the kind that comes from just savoring an in-the-body experience but the power of awareness, surrender and joy can never be understated!

Freedom is free falling into just feeling good!  Momentum is built by getting out of the thinking brain and feeling what is it that is calling to us.  Asking what is that thing that we have never let ourselves experience before?  Or that feeling that we are wanting to feel right now?  Choosing to give it to ourselves and live it now is that secret momentum building ingredient!

Another experience of living in the now happened a few nights previously. It was 3am, the stars were out as the gentle wind blew through the trees and my hair, kissing my skin. In near complete darkness I walked the field barefoot. I felt complete.

The craziest part is how easy it can be to let go of our attachment to a comfortable idea, aka a “habit” and choose a new path.  Enjoying something in the moment while we are completely present, gives birth to a world of delicious and colorful possibilities within us.  Lean into the conscious free flow of feeling good, just see where it takes you.

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Rayme Elise Pasieka is a life coach studying at ICA and also holds passions for nature, travel, writing and energy work.  She is currently manifesting her most joyous life-path, ideal body and some super fulfilling relationships. She can be reached and followed on


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