The Master Shift – Daily Wisdom Quote 3.3.13

The Master Shift – Daily Wisdom Quote 3.3.13
March 3, 2013 TheMasterShift

The Master Shift – Daily Wisdom Quote


Today’s quote is from “Handbook to Higher Consciousness”  by Ken Keys, Jr.

“The essential you is perfect, has always been perfect, and always will be perfect!  There is nothing you can do to alter the perfection of the essential you.  And this perfection does not need to be guarded with ego.  When you realize who or what you really are, your ego can relax and you can really enjoy your life.  For nothing poses either a threat or an “absolute necessity” to you any longer.  You can truly enjoy being the essential you – and only then can you totally and continuously enjoy the unfolding drama that your life brings you.”



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  1. Zul 9 years ago

    Good quotes.

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