The Do-Over Painting

The Do-Over Painting
January 14, 2015 Kim Luttrell


The DO-OVER painting!  I attempted to paint a coffee cup but it was disastrous.  I even had the comic strip perfectly in place. Then the green threw up all over my picture!  So I decided…”do over.”  I couldn’t get all the paper off so I painted it black. Even worse…so I am now using my pampered chef pot scraper (which is also good for painting for those of us who don’t use pots and pans) to clean the paper and finally to DO-OVER yet again!

As I scrape the paint and get all messy I can’t help thinking how my life is like that…things in the past I wish I could “do-over,” things I tried and tried to “do-over” but they didn’t work out, and things that I make a mess of every single day! Life is messy…imperfect…black sometimes…bright sometimes.

What’s a canvas cost? Five bucks maybe – yet somehow I can’t throw it away! I can’t waste the time that went into my mess and I am actually enjoying making something new!! – or trying to…ha!  I kind of see God in my life like that.  I am a constant D0-OVER, but He never tosses me in the garbage, never gives up, and is continually enjoying His handiwork- making something new- in ME… and YOU.

My ugly old canvas is only ugly to people who are expecting something different than what it truly is- a mess. I may even be perceived that way to people who “don’t get me” or to people who don’t have time…but NEVER to God… or GOOD friends.  Somehow in painting and repainting that ugly old canvas I was reminded today that whatever color life is now, it won’t always be that color.  That’s a good thing!  My master painter is constantly painting over the black.


About the Author:  Kim Luttrell

I am a wife and mother of three. I love the Lord and enjoy writing to encourage others, to express my own feelings, and to let people know that they are never alone in trials of this life. I also love to paint.  Though I’m no Rembrandt, I have learned that doing things you love frees the creativity inside.  It’s always great to explore the gifts and talents you’ve been given. In doing so, you just may help someone else learn to adventure out into a world of imagination! I have been married for almost 25 years. My husband and I are best friends and look forward to spending time with our children and living life together!



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