New Field of Research to Unite Spirituality and Science

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Even though contemporary science is doing the best it can to hold on to the outdated hard-headed matter based paradigm, the change is inevitable. There are a lot of scholars around the world who are working on creating a model of the world that would give explanation to something as spiritual and intangible as consciousness. Spirituality and science have been on the opposite sides of the fence for a long time and the new informational age is the great time to find the way how both can complement each other. All that is needed is a model of the energy informational world that would not go against any spiritual believes and take already known laws of physics to the next level. The key for any scientific model or theory to be widely accepted is for it to be proven in practice. At the end of the day, practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth.

There is one scientific field that general scientific community would still rather refer to as pseudo or fringe science. The name of this new “spiritual science” is Infosomatics. It is based on the research of the International Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg, Russia). The main fields of studies are levels of consciousness, human potential, channeling, energy healing, meditation, torsion physics, to name just a few. Infosomatics offers a model of the energy-informational hologram world and gives practical techniques that can have influence on the physical body and on the events in life. One of the founding stones in the field of Infosomatics is the law of transformation of information into energy and then further into matter. This new scientific field also studies how the human brain and the human heart interact on the levels of higher consciousness. There is statistical proof that Infosomatic techniques are effective in practice and can help to resolve problems with health, achieve better results in business and find fulfilling personal relationships.


Human life can be simply described as the moment between the past and the future. The key to finding balance between the body, mind and spirit is to find your own unique point of here and now and flow with it. Any distortion in the human bodies of the higher consciousness creates bumps and holes that cause problems to the flow of information-energy-physical body. Certain symbols and visualizations can help to correct those distortions on the higher levels of consciousness. Visualization itself is the way to communicate with consciousness and in the way can be described as the language that Nature uses to get needed information across. When the symbols that are used in the visualization techniques resonate with the true etalon of natural order they can do miracles.

The human brain is a very complicated radar system and the main tool that we use in order to communicate with Nature through visualizations. The human heart and its work on the energy-informational level give power to visualization through emotions. When the work of the human brain is synchronized with the work of the human heart it gives a chance to reach harmony and improve the quality of life. There is a world of potential that is waiting for you to be realized, we all have our free will to make the choice towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

About the Author:

Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has profound knowledge in the new spiritual science Infosomatics. The main goal of this new scientific field is to offer an energy-informational map of the higher levels of consciousness and help acquire an ecological worldview for the XXI century. Powerful Infosomatic visualization techniques that have been tested in practice can give answers to the causes and offer solutions to the problems with health, personal or professional life.  Website:  Life Script Doctor





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