My Monkey Mind

My Monkey Mind
March 14, 2013 Christina Arabolis



I equate the monkey mind with the thoughts in my mind that are ready to “do me in.”  My monkey mind I picture as exactly that; a monkey in my head!  I actually named him a while ago….Kyle.  My monkey isn’t nice and is up to no good.  He likes to sabotage what Christine likes to do.  The monkey feeds off of things he hears, sees, touches, smells and tastes.  In other words – outside stimuli.  Here’s an example of how my monkey mind works.

He hears somebody say to Christine that she is not smart.  This is great food for my monkey because he can now tease Christine and make her feel that whatever she wants to accomplish will not happen because she is not smart enough.  If Christine wants to become a lawyer, the monkey replays what he heard and sabotages Christine’s efforts at success.  This keeps Christine down in a place where she cannot rise or accomplish her goals.

The only way for Christine to accomplish her goals and purpose in life is to be able to stop the monkey from creating havoc in her brain.  Christine cannot stop the monkey from being fed, because there is always outside stimuli to feed the monkey.  The only way Christine can stop the monkey is to “see” the monkey and tell him to stop.  In other words, to OBSERVE the monkey and tell him whatever “food” he picks up from outside does not reflect who Christine truly is.  Only Christine gets to decide who Christine is!  By doing this…it stops the monkey dead in his tracks.  He has nothing to taunt or tease Christine; so he is put in his place.  This allows Christine to become the person she was born to be!



About the Author: Christine Segal, M.Ed., is a Certified Holistic Health Coach having studied at Integrative Nutrition. She has her own business called Inner Beauty Workshops where she teaches clients how to generate beauty from the inside out. Christine is currently studying to become a Doctor of Spiritual Studies at Emerson Theological Institute. She hosts a weekly radio show on Freedomizer Radio called WakeUP & Live. Website ( To sign up for Christine’s newsletter:


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