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The Divine Feminine is graduate school for evolving humans. Nearly all you’ve learned in religion, psychology, yoga and coaching is overwhelmingly masculine in nature and is meant to serve as your educational foundation. Communing with the Divine Feminine and her lineage is now a mandatory requirement for those interested in transformative spiritual evolution.

Inclusive Spiritual Guidance is Required
We are currently in the midst of a rapid psychosomatic evolution. Never before have our bodies and brains been required to acclimate to such extreme lifestyle changes. Daily exposure to technology, microwaves and chemicals are just the surface. Our brains are also now processing multiple languages, nuanced social interactions and life threatening political conflicts. Our bodies are adapting to increased travel speeds, non-locally sourced food and limited access to sunlight, fresh air and nature. It is now that we most at risk for our body-brain-soul disconnection. At each layer there is an outer pull towards separation. Many people seek traditional world teachings as a refuge from the shifting reality. This is a good beginning step but it’s not enough anymore. Coming into relationship with the Divine Feminine is next level of our evolution as it is the only teaching that can shape-shift as rapidly as these times.

Advanced Level Evolution: Divine Feminine is Graduate Level
The Divine Masculine, of which we are most acquainted through religious, new age and scientific communities, holds a wealth of knowledge. It provides people with a clear structure, detailed rules and points individuals on a straight path. It’s a good place to build our foundation. Likening Divine Masculine teachings to basic training or mandatory core subjects in an undergrad program can help us contextualize the Divine Feminine as graduate school – a place where we dive deep into our individual subject matter with the academic discourse; questioning, integrating and reflecting rather than following. It’s where we truly begin to work with the material given to us, kneading it into an individual form reflective of our soul.

Timeless Wisdom has Been Infected By the Past
We’ve all been raised to accept that wisdom is true, holy and free of human shortcomings. While many messages do have a purity to them, they do not remain uncontaminated by the era they were documented in, nor the time we are living in now. Any path of self-development or spiritual inquiry must now include the acknowledgement of past and present social and political contamination. For example, one can no longer preach “he” solely, without acknowledging the centuries of oppression that led to “she” being erased from history and inherent damage it inflicts upon the human “shes” today, both directly or indirectly. By inviting the Divine Feminine to the table we not only gain a toolbox of greatly ignored yet powerful tools, we also shift the very foundation our human relations are built upon. By including the Feminine and her qualities such as inclusiveness, curiosity and embodiment into the present spiritual teachings, we activate inclusiveness, attunement and connection in our societies while simultaneously living out the equal honoring of women, children, nature, the human body and life experience.

Why She is Not on the Map
The Divine Feminine is a difficult sell in a masculine world. There is little marketable about Her as She insists on no goal, end point, nor “right way.” She cracks the very foundation of the capitalistic spiritual enterprise tagging their certainty, self-help packages and “proven paths to enlightenment” as false. Her promise to you is that you will feel. With Her you become more human, more of your unique self and less able to be controlled. She won’t shout this from a mountain top or tech platforms. She won’t hunt you down and convert you to her way, not because she is unsure of her power, but because she is wise and wants that you know your own power and make your own choice. Her ways are gentle in a rough world. She will wait until your skin is soft enough to sense Her then She will appear to you and as you.

About the Author: Taryn Hughes has been consistently working with the body and it’s mechanical, intuitive and emotional healing wisdom for nearly two decades. As a result of more than 14,000 hours of interdisciplinary professional training and 10,000 hours of teaching experience Taryn crafted Sacred Centering, a gender-specific and Feminine approach to healing and development. She writes, teaches and supports private clients in NYC and online. 

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  1. Janae 8 years ago

    So so THIS, Taryn.
    I have found all that you’ve written to be the Lived-Truth. And it’s summed up so perfectly with this sentence, “Her promise to you is that you will feel.”
    Thank you for writing and speaking and staying.

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