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Did you know that you are an interdimensional being?  You not only reside in the first, second, and third dimensions…keep going…you exist in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh…and then things get interesting as we move into the higher dimensions, to where our Higher Consciousness resides.

In the third dimension, past/future, cause/effect, etc., give rise to the appearance of separation.  Opposites are a perception derived primarily from the left hemisphere of your brain that allows the “you” to declare “I am.”  Your limited perception, garnered through your senses, strengthens your belief that you are a separate being from the energy system surrounding you—Separation Consciousness.

The fourth dimension is where we see the illusion of separation begin to merge again as space and time become spacetime.

The fifth dimension is where we see Consciousness expand from Separation Consciousness back toward Unity Consciousness.  While still in the physical body, time and even space get a little fuzzy as we are no longer bound by their limitations, but begin to notice time and space give way to what third dimension dwellers call, miracles.

Transcending apparent limitations is not really miraculous to the seasoned fifth dimension dweller, or rather, she/he would say there is nothing that is not miraculous, including the realization of whom you are—a Co-Creator, equal in every way to the rest of Creation/God!

If you aren’t sure where you consciously reside, here are few pointers that may help you locate yourself on your mind/body/spirit journey.  If you are a living testament of the following precepts, in other words, it has moved from head to heart knowledge, then your Consciousness has expanded beyond the third dimension and into the fifth.

 1)      In Unity Consciousness, there is only Oneness.  You know there is no here or there, and there is nowhere to go.  We all reside together up through the seventh dimension as carbon-based human beings. Beyond, we exist as crystalline-based beings.  And we still all reside together as the ONE.  You are everything Creation is—seen and unseen.

2)      You live in the world but are not of it.  You know that the third dimension is eternally dualistic in nature, therefore you no longer feel the need to change it or save anyone.  Perfection exists even in the third dimension.

3)      This includes your life.  You have moved from attempting to fix your life to acceptance of your life and all that appears in it, for you know that unconditional love is the agent of change itself, you are the Alchemist.  It is a state of Being, not doing.

4)      You no longer work to preserve personal identity.  Serving the self falls away for service to others.  Your silent state of Being, as unconditional love, is the source of your power and the highest gift you can give others.

5)      You no longer attempt to manifest your life.  You witness manifestation throughout your day and see that it all is just happening.  You allow life to flow through, as you.  You recognize it as a symbiosis, a dance between partners, in service of your highest good.

If you are still trying to ward off negative energy, chant mantras and affirmations, find your twin flame, or repair your chi, this is representative of conditional love found in the third dimension—the dimension of “effort.”  Don’t worry, we all did it and it was perfect!

Participating in these activities is a demonstration of your desire to transcend, and you will.  One day, you will wake up and you will simply realize yourself to be what you have been seeking; the rituals no longer necessary.

You can’t make a mistake and never have.  Take each day as it IS, allowing whatever shows up to BE.  And so it is.  Namaste.


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