I Forgive: A self-counsel to start your day!

I Forgive: A self-counsel to start your day!
April 22, 2013 Melissa Zollo


Are you hurting, feeling deceived, mistreated, or injured by others? Are you tired of living in the pain of the past and resenting those who have hurt you? Are you willing to do something about these infected wounds so you can get on with your life? If so, here is a simple remedy to discard the hurt and walk the healing journey. And healing, like pain, is unique to each of us, so please, do not get discouraged if forgiving seems challenging at first.

                    To Forgive: To give up (an insult); to cease to feel resentment against (an offender); to grant relief from payment (a debt)

                 The Art of Forgiveness: Forgiveness Is A Process. Forgiveness Is Necessary For Healing.   Forgiveness Is Love In Action.

Forgiveness begins with a conscious decision to dig deep and unearth some buried irritations in order to release, reboot and restore one’s emotional well being.  No one can make you forgive or do it for you. You are your own choice maker.

Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself!

Willingness to forgive yourself and another is the main ingredient in this recipe for success. This does not mean that you will be socializing with this person anytime soon or want to associate with them.  

It means that you have reached a level of Spiritual awareness and an understanding that as you imagine and think forgiveness, in that moment you are “feeling it”. In other words, what you desire for the other person, you are actually vibrating and attracting to yourself. For it is written:  “What you imagine you become and what you feel you attract. As you think and feel, so you are.”

Forgiveness Treatment #1: Practice the Art of Forgiving for ninety days, three times a day and it will work wonders in your life.

1.     I ————sincerely and from the bottom of my heart (think of the offender)  release you and cut the cords that bind us to hurt, anger, and remorse on all levels of my being.

2.     If ever I ————think of you ————- and the hurtful experience, I shall claim freedom again and again and remind myself that I have released you ———–. You are free and I am free! I wish you love.

3.     I ————completely surrender the incident and all feelings connected with this matter.

4.     To forgive is to give something.  I ——– give you, ——— freedom and all the other joys and blessings of life. And I will continue to do so until there is no sting in my mind.

5.     I ——— am at peace. I ask that you ———- be at peace as well.

Forgiveness Treatment #2: Relax, breathe, let go and focus all of your attention in the direction of new beginnings.

Today I forgive. I choose to re-imagine, re-frame, rewrite, and re-boot my life rather than remain stuck in old hurts and resentments.

Today I forgive myself and everyone who has played a part in my melodrama of life whereby I cast them as extras. Yes, I cast them and they replicated roles unworthy of their true character.

Today I go cold turkey. I surrender all sense of worthlessness, powerlessness, and helplessness.

Today I embrace my power. I recognize the Power of Love expressing through me. I am steeped in joy. All is well.

I am forgivable. I am forgiving. I am forgiven.

I forgive myself for everything I held against myself by feeding old festering resentments that drained my energy.

I am free, no longer imprisoned in a world of unconscious troubling memories.

I plant new seeds for the continual growth of my mental and spiritual powers.

I forgive all before I fall asleep. I forgive all before my eyes look on this new day. And as I forgive I remove my spiritual blinders and open the windows of my soul to all the riches of life.

Infinite Love is the essence of my true being. I feel renewed, uplifted, and released.

I live in the vibration of peace.  Peace is the power within me now and I experience it abundantly.

I rejoice in forgiveness. I share and celebrate forgiveness (for – giving) today.

Today, I turn my attention to all that is good. I accept  all the generous gifts that life has for me now.

Today, I forgive and my life is abundantly fulfilled and blessed.

Take the acid test of forgiveness and begin to use the Power of Imagination and the Universal Laws of Life correctly. Do so until you meet the offender in your mind and feel that you are at peace with them.

Repeat the treatment as often as limiting thoughts enter your mind. You will find that the thought of the incident will torture you less and less and you will stop playing the victim role and no longer be a past-a-holic.In this way, you will stop punishing yourself, neutralize painful memories and allow your emotional scars to heal.


About the Author:

melissaMelissa Zollo is the author of “Discover the Power of Imagination” and “How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money” CD audio programs.




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